Looking For Gift Ideas? Using search…

Looking For Gift Ideas? Using search to find the perfect gift

It’s hard to think of gift ideas each year. No matter how organised we try to be, searches for “gifts” or “presents” peak in the week before Christmas.

So with Cyber Week and Christmas just around the corner, we looked at Hitwise’ audience and search data for inspiration. By combining our online behavioural data with attitudinal variables (from our partnership with Kantar TGI), we identified unique product searches for the following segments – The Fitness Fanatic, The Wine Lover and The Jetsetter, to provide you the best Christmas insights.

Hitwise Christmas Insights

The Fitness Fanatic

Fitness Fanatics (i.e. people who practice sport or fitness more than 4 hours a week) are more likely to search for winter clothes and gadgets, compared to the standard online population. For males, products like winter hats and GoPros top the list. For females, winter is on their minds, with parka coats, jumpsuits and knee high boots among the top searches.

Christmas insights Hitwise

The Wine Lover

Wine Lovers (i.e. people who purchase wine for home consumption one or more times a week), unsurprisingly, are more likely to search for wine and seasonal gin. But wider product searches reveal other interests. Male Wine Lovers are more likely to search for consoles and games like Battlefront and Assassin’s Creed. Women are preparing for Christmas, with trees and beauty advent calendar searches.

Christmas insights Hitwise

The Jetsetter  

The Jetsetter (i.e. people who have made more than 6 overseas holidays in the past year) search for a combination of home gadgets and fashion brands. Male Jetsetters are seeking the latest iPhone X, as well as the Apple watch, Google home and Amazon fire stick. Female Jetsetters have brands, such as Sweaty Betty, Laura Ashley, AX Paris and Mint Velvet, on the top of their lists.

Christmas insights Hitwise

What can retailers do with this data?

Let’s zoom into the Female Fitness Fanatic, where the women’s parka was one of the top over-indexed product searches.

Retailers or brands stocking this product could dig deeper into the segment’s online behaviour and understand: Which types of parkas does this segment search for? What other fashion pieces are they interested in? Where do they visit before going to fashion websites? And, where else do they consume content online?

With these insights, a retailer or brand could then target and reach this segment with precision, through PPC, content or display.

Hitwise Christmas Insights
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