Infographic: Top Products The Week of…

Infographic: Top Products The Week of Thanksgiving & Black Friday

In the wake of Peak Week, the retail industry is abuzz — which retailers won the most traffic and sales? How many people shopped? What are the hot products this season? Let’s take a look at the top products during the week of Thanksgiving, and then take a birds-eye look at how product trends have changed over the month of November. What items are rising stars this holiday season, and which have burnt out?

Top Products Week of Thanksgiving

Heading into Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Americans top products were still dominated by the Nintendo Switch, iPhone X and 8 and Fingerlings (items that topped the charts last week as well). Apple Watch and Fitbit continued to duke it out for the top fitness tracker last week as well. New to the top ten list was the PS4 gaming console, the Instant Pot and the Google Home Mini — a big Black Friday sale item across multiple retailers. 

Black Friday Trends

The hottest hot toys were also relatively unchanged despite dwindling (if not empty) stocks for many items, especially Fingerlings and LOL Surprise. New to the list of hot toys were Calico Critters — a classic item that usually makes it into the top ten, along with Tickle Me Elmo. The surge in rank for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the toy category tells us that parents are starting to buy consoles for their kids as opposed to adults buying them for themselves. 

Black Friday Trends

Infographic: A Month of Hot Products

When we chart the top products week-by-week over the last month, you see that the iPhone X and Nintendo Switch have retained their top spot through the month, whereas items like the Xbox One X, iPhone 8 and Apple Watch lost some steam during Peak Week. Meanwhile, products like the Instapot and Google Home emerged as hot items specifically during the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Top Holiday Products Searches November 2017

In the world of toys, Fingerlings, Hatchimals, LOL Dolls and Nerf Guns have retained fairly consistent growth over the four weeks, with a few smaller items like Calico Critters and Teddy Ruxpin joining the top ten for short one-week stints:

Top Toy Searches November 2017

Hot Products data was based on a Hitwise Custom Analysis of searches leading to the retail industry, for one week ending November 25th. Stacked Hot Products over 4 weeks were measured weekly, starting October 29th. If you’re interested in data on trending products, conversions or other retail analytics, click here to learn more or request a demo.

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