Black Friday 2017: Top Digital Trends

Black Friday 2017: Top Digital Trends

The world’s biggest online shopping event has finished for another year. Although not as well-established in the AU market, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are growing in awareness as the number of Australians searching, clicking and securing pre-holiday deals increases.

This blog looks at hourly data, industry and search performance, as well as the top retailers that saw an uplift from the Black Friday event.

Appliances & Electronics and Health & Beauty saw biggest increases YoY

It’s no surprise that the Apparel & Accessories industry received that largest amount of visits on Black Friday 2017, with just over 6M total visits, an increase of 27% year-on-year. However, Appliances & Electronics and Health & Beauty saw the largest growth (+60% and +47%, respectively) highlighting that consumers are seeking reductions on high price points and luxury goods.

Visits peaked at 9pm for Australia’s top 50 retailers

On Black Friday the Shopping & Classifieds industry received 40.5M visits, which was slightly lower than on 14th November when Click Frenzy was running.

Looking at hourly visits to the top 50 retailers in the Shopping & Classifieds industry shows many Australians logged on at midnight as retailers went live with their deals. There were 750K visits between midnight and 1am. Bargain hunters were most likely to be found online between 11:00am and 9:00pm, but there was a clear uplift from 4:00pm as consumers returned home.

Searches for “Black Friday” more than doubled year-on-year

Number of Australians searching for “Black Friday” increased 116%

Additionally, the number of people behind “Black Friday” searches increased by 116% when looking year on year at the 4 weeks leading up to Black Friday. There was an increase of 256,440 participants since 2016.

Apple and JB Hi-Fi saw the biggest visits increases on Black Friday

Which retailers saw the largest uplift in site visits on Black Friday compared to the previous day? Looking at the top 50 retailers highlights Apple saw the largest increase in visits, and in fact four of the top five sites were appliance and electronics sites.

OzSale attracted the highest proportion of visits from “Black Friday” Searchers

Which retailers received the largest proportion of visits from “Black Friday” searchers? Whilst many retailers saw an uplift in visits on Black Friday, they weren’t all necessarily related to the sale, as some consumers would not have been aware of the event!

In order to measure the sites that saw a direct uplift due to Black Friday, Hitwise created an audience segment of anyone who searched for variations of “Black Friday,” then ranked the top retailers visited within that same session.
Below are the retailers that received the largest proportion of visitors to their site from Black Friday searchers. OzSale was the clear winner with 15% of Black Friday searchers visiting their site, likely helped by their offer of up to 90% off.

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