Using Audience Data to Hone Your…

Using Audience Data to Hone Your Channel Strategy

Your website drives traffic from hundreds of sources; email, search, social media, blogs and more. Identifying your strongest channel drivers allows you to double down on what’s working, and can help you optimise traffic.

Flying Higher Than the Rest: A Virgin Atlantic Case Study

In this example, we looked at one of the most popular commercial airlines in the UK – Virgin Atlantic – against two of its biggest competitors, British Airways and Thomson. Below there are three key sources of traffic to Virgin Atlantic. As you can see, all three airlines rely heavily on traffic from search engines. However, Virgin falls behind in regards to traffic from social.

Hitwise Case Study: Virgin Atlantic

Market Share by Route

How do these airlines also compare for key travel routes? One of the most popular search term last year in travel was “flights to Orlando”. Let’s see what demographic is looking for this search term, or variations of it, and see which channels this audience comes from.

Hitwise Case Study: Virgin Atlantic Demographic

“Flights to Orlando” Audience Upstream Channels per Airline

Virgin Atlantic receives the lowest level of traffic occurrences for “flights to Orlando” searches out of the three airlines, particularly in comparison to British Airways. Virgin Atlantic could then compare offer, price and channel strategy to understand why this is the case.

Hitwise Case Study: Airlines by Upstream Channels

When we delve into the “flights to Orlando” audience, Virgin Atlantic is more reliant on search, compared to British Airway’s higher reliance on social. Virgin Atlantic could then investigate British Airway’s social campaigns to see what appeals to this audience, to win market share.

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