Top Last Minute Christmas Gifts This…

Top Last Minute Christmas Gifts This Season

With less than a week to go, shoppers are searching for last minute Christmas gifts for everyone on their list. Hot products last week showed Apple continuing to do well with the Apple Watch this season, as the smartwatch rose to number 2. While Fitbit is still in the top 10, searches for Apple Watch are actually 30% greater than those for Fitbit.

The Cupertino gang should be happy knowing that Apple products have also succeeded in claiming another two spots in the top 10 with iPhone X and iPad, even as the iPhone 8 dropped out of the top 10 this week.

While the PS4 is technically new this week to the top 10, it’s made an appearance this season and hovered outside of the top 10 for a while. My Pillow has been consistently building steam in the last few weeks, and finally broke into the top 10 last week — it could continue to ride this momentum through Christmas and into White Sale season.

Last minute christmas gift searches

As for toys, Fingerlings, Hatchimals and LOL Surprise continued their strong performance. Taking all search variations into account, Fingerlings still leads the pack followed closely by LOL Surprise toys.

Hatchmals, while occupying the second top variations, actually has about 50 percent lower searches than either Fingerlings or LOL Surprise toys. As for this week’s newcomers, Shopkins, a perennial favorite, has once again joined the top toys list as did the new Crate Creatures.

Last minute christmas toy searches

Hot Holiday Products data was based on a Hitwise Custom Analysis of searches leading to the retail industry, for one week ending December 16th. If you’re interested in data on trending products, conversions or other retail analytics, click here to learn more or request a demo.

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