Post Christmas Product Trends – a…

Post Christmas Product Trends – a Look Back at Holiday 2017

The holidays have come to a close, and the new year is upon us. It’s now up to retailers to piece together the key trends and take-aways from the holiday season, and apply them in 2018. In the infographics below we trend the top gift searches during December, and the post Christmas product trends that shaped the final week of the season.

As we’ll be covering in our Post-Holiday Webinar next week, several products emerged as winners in 2017. Most sought-after products include the Nintendo Switch, the iPhone X, the Apple Watch, and the hugely successful pressure cooker known as the Instant Pot.

Interest in the Instant Pot only grew as the season progressed, while Apple technologies like the iPhone X and the Apple Watch waned in popularity during and after Christmas Day. The iPhone X held the number one spot in the beginning of November, but slowly lost steam as consumers checked the mobile device off their list.

Like the Instant Pot, the Google Home rose several positions later in the holiday season, jumping all the way to the #3 spot the week after Christmas (with the Google Home Mini hitting its highest rank of the season that week as well).

The Nintendo Switch maintained its number one spot over the entire peak season, from Peak Week all the way through the week of Christmas.

Post Christmas Product Trends

In the toys category, we see game consoles attracting similar attention after the holiday season ended, with the SNES classic jumping up to the #1 spot during the final week of the season. It was followed closely by the Nintendo Switch, which had previously driven a smaller percentage of traffic to toy sites. On the final week of December, these two consoles dethroned Fingerlings and Hatchimals for the first (and only) time during the entire holiday season.

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