Medicinal Mushrooms Latest Trend to Hit…

Medicinal Mushrooms Latest Trend to Hit Health Market

Between mushroom shakes cropping up in Los Angeles and fungi facials appearing on day spa menus, the medicinal mushrooms market has exploded. But does this new health trend have legs?

Hitwise dug into the numbers behind the shroom boom to find out. We charted growth in mushroom searches, profiled the fungi fanatics who seek them out, and tracked the fast-rising mushroom varietals to keep an eye on.


The Shroom Boom

In order to get a broader picture of the medicinal mushroom trend, Hitwise aggregated a portfolio of over 1,000 lesser-known mushroom search terms inclduing cordyceps, reishi, chaga, enoki and maitake. We trended these searches over three years and found…


Medicinal Mushroom Statistic

Popularity shot up in the beginning of 2018 in particular, suggesting consumers are interested in incorporating mushrooms in their New Years health resolutions and diet goals.

Medicinal Mushroom Variation Searches

As noted in our piece on diet trends vs. fleeting fads last year, a promising health trend should ideally rise steadily over time (although there can be bumps along the way). The consistent climb in searches for mushroom varietals over the last three years suggests medicinal mushrooms may reflect a mounting culture shift, rather than a passing craze.


One of the most popular products emerging in the wake of this trend is mushroom powder, which contains various blends of dehydrated medicinal mushrooms that can be added to shakes, coffee and more.

We’ve seen a…


Medicinal Mushroom Powder Medicinal Mushroom Coffee


Understanding The Mushroom Lover

Demographically, people who search for variations of different mushrooms are….

• Younger: 45% more likely to be 18-24 years old, less likely to belong to any older age group.

• Slightly more male: 52.4% male, 47.6% female

• Skew Asian-American: 28% more likely to identify as Asian (the most over-indexed racial group)


Medicinal Mushroom Age Index

In terms of their online behavior, Mushroom Lovers are…

• 15% more likely to visit Entertainment Sites

• 21% more likely to visit Social Networking Sites

• 295% more likely to visit the Huffington Post

• 966% more likely to visit Alternative Health Sites


Common non-mushroom health searches of Mushroom Lovers:

• Myfitnesspal

• Pubmed

• 23 and me

• chamomile effects

• effects of lavender

• best product for healing skin

• keto diet

• lemongrass health

• ginger antiviral

• cranberry juice acne

* based on top searches leading to Health & Medical websites


Top Medicinal Mushrooms, Trended


Reishi (Also known as Lingzhi)

119% growth over 3 years

Reishi Medicinal Mushroom

The reishi mushroom is certainly one to watch, as it demonstrates sustained growth over the past three years and appears to be on an upwards trajectory since the beginning of 2018. Its steady growth mirrors many of the popular medicinal mushrooms listed below.



114% growth over 3 years



207% growth over 3 years



80% growth over 3 years


Turkey tail

80% growth over 3 years


Lion’s Mane

173% growth over 3 years


Oyster mushroom

173% growth over 3 years


Shiitake / Shitake

188% growth over 3 years


Seasonally Trended Mushrooms


Maitake (Hen of the Woods)

 150% growth over 3 years

This mushroom grows in clusters, and has a hunting season from September – October. Both “maitake” and “hen of the woods” search variations show annual spikes to reflect this seasonality.



107% growth over 3 years

Chanterelle, one of the more common wild mushrooms, has the same hunting season as maitake (hen of the woods), however, interest in this mushroom begins earlier in the summer.

Seasonal Medicinal Mushroom

There is an opportunity to market Chanterelle mushrooms earlier than other seasonal varieties and switch focus on maitake (or hen of the woods) during September when Chanterelle mushrooms have a predictable mid-season slump.


Morel Mushroom

 -18% over 3 years

Interest in morel mushrooms appears to be decreasing over three years, however it shows drastic seasonal spikes (presumably from mushroom hunters) between March to May. In contrast to the drop in searches for morel mushrooms over time, the peak seasonal spikes appear to be gaining in popularity. This suggest a more complex picture of interest in this mushroom over time.

Morel Medicinal Mushroom Seasons

Source: Data pulled using Hitwise Intelligence and Hitwise AudienceView over four weeks ending 1/13/2018. Charts trend search volume of various mushroom variations—or mushroom search portfolios—between 12/20/2014 and 1/13/2017.

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