The Rise of Veganism – Why…

The Rise of Veganism – Why it’s important to your brand

In this blog post we bring you the facts and figures behind the growth of Veganism. With a 70% YoY increase in health-related vegan search queries, it is evident that this once fad trend has now become a mainstream lifestyle within the UK.

As seen in our Green Living report, we bring to light how crucial it is for brands across the UK to adapt to these increasing consumer demands, and what the top stats and figures they need to know are about this lifestyle change.

How has it grown?

In 2017, searches for veganism increased a massive 50% throughout the UK. Millennials being the generational drivers, they are 33% more likely to search around veganism than the generation before them (Generation X).

Not only is the UK becoming more interested in veganism, they are showing a registered interest in its health benefits too, with health related vegan queries increasing 70%. It is clear the benefits of a plant-powered lifestyle have become more appealing to Brits than ever before, but how is the high street evolving to these growing consumer demands?

The UK Hightstreet: Restaurants & takeaways

Whether eating from the comfort of your own sofa or out with friends, restaurants across the country, such as Pizza Express, Zizzi and Carluccio’s, are listening and reacting to the vegan lifestyle trend. For example:

Restaurants aren’t the only ones seeing a change. New takeaway brands over index massively in the trend towards veganism and more ethical food; people searching around veganism are 89% more likely to visit Deliveroo than JustEat, and 430% more likely to visit UberEATS than Hungry House.


Life at home: Dairy & Meat alternative

We’re seeing a change in restaurants and takeaways, but what about inside consumer’s homes? Our data reveals that searches for vegan meat alternatives have increased a massive 73%, and Quorn has been an obvious starting point for most, with an 82% increase in people exploring “is Quorn vegan?”, coupled by a 23% increase for Quorn brand searches overall.

Just as we have seen a rise with Quorn, dairy alternatives are also getting it’s fair share of popularity. In typical British style, our data reveals the most popular related question around ‘vegan milk’ is what the “best vegan milk for tea” is. The data also shows ‘plant milk’ searches have increased 40% YoY and risen an incredible 74% for ‘vegan milk’. Where this would previously have been driven by consumers with an intolerance, is now a conscious choice for those without an allergy – in fact, 55% of free from consumers do not even have an allergy.


So, what can you do about this growing trend?

You may think you know who your audience is, but trends (like the one we’re seeing right now) can change their ethical beliefs and shopping behaviours before you know it. It is clear that veganism is growing faster than we can keep up, but it is vital for brands to monitor key trends like this one so that they can influence their marketing strategies, and keep their brand identity fresh.

To read more about veganism and its impact on other sectors, download our green living report: Green Living Report

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