Why your brand should consider becoming…

Why your brand should consider becoming eco-friendly

In our last post, we explored how veganism is affecting the UK and why brands should not only watch out for this movement, but also react to it. Now, we dive into the facts and drivers behind the UK’s recent spike in attitudes towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as identify why brands should be adopting this eco way of living.

What’s changed?

It was recently reported that a total 27.3 million tonnes of waste was created across the UK, but with searches for ‘plastic recycling’ increasing by 55%, it is clear that the nation is moving in the right direction. Recent online reactions also shows the UK is alert to environmental wake up calls, with a 70% increase in people searching for Carbon footprint calculator as well as searches for ‘climate change’ more than doubling.

As seen in our Green living report, we identify the importance for brands to incorporate a more eco friendly and greener approach in their offerings, so that they can adapt to new and rapidly increasing consumer demands.

The ‘Attenborough effect’

Following the release of BBC’s Blue Planet II, the ‘Attenborough effect’ shook the country into acknowledging humanity’s self-inflicted environmental challenges, which in turn drove a 288% increase in visits to change.org from Jan 2015 to Dec 2017. Following the series’ heart-wrenching finale and being officially named the UK’s ‘Best TV Show’, the number of people searching for the dangers of plastic in our oceans doubled.

Change.org wasn’t the only charity that saw remarkable growth and engagement. The Marine Conservation Society saw a 169% jump, and the Plastic Oceans Foundation saw a 35% increase in visits.

Recycling & Energy consumption

The carbon footprint interest doesn’t just stop at recycling plastic, but with how consumers behave in their homes. Intent to live in a ‘greener’ house is clear from the radical increase in related searches, for example:

So what does this all mean?

Just like the veganism diet, it is clear that this sustainability lifestyle is on the rise. By knowing what your audiences are searching for and how their interests are changing, you’ll be able to keep your brand ahead of the curve, as well as know how to adapt to new and rapidly increasing consumer demands.

To read more about Green living and the ever changing lifestyle demands of consumers, read the full report: Green Living Report

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