Uma Thurman Harvey Weinstein News Coverage

Uma Thurman Harvey Weinstein News Coverage

On February 3rd, the New York Times published a column in which Uma Thurman detailed unwanted advances from Harvey Weinstein and pressure from Quentin Tarantino to drive an unsafe car on the set of “Kill Bill”, leaving her with a concussion and other injuries. The story received the largest search volume in the month of February, with a search volume of 5,759,075, 0.13% of the search share. Although many condemned these actions, some of the reactions to Thurman’s story were also laced with criticism of the journalism for being confusing rather than illuminating.

People reading about this story were mostly young and, perhaps surprisingly, male. Maureen Dowd’s individual New York Times piece also saw higher male readership than average, with 55% male readers.

uma thurman harvey weinstein pie

While 18-24 year olds were more likely to be reading about Thurman and Weinstein overall, the New York Times article pulled even more attention from the younger readers.

uma thurman harvey weinstein all ageuma thurman harvey weinstein ny times age

Readers of the New York Times article were 32% more likely to be 18-24 years old and 10% more likely to be 25-34 years old.

As with many celebrity stories, readership was concentrated on the coasts. Interestingly, the East South Central region (Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi) also over-indexed for this story.

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This report was excerpted from our February 2018 State of Publishing Report, which details the top publications and stories of the month including coverage of the Parkland Shooting and President Trump’s plans for a military parade.

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