Why the subscription box industry is…

Why the subscription box industry is important to your brand

In our latest blog, we bring the latest facts and figures behind the growth of the subscription box industry within the UK, and how this rising trend is changing the retail industry as we know it today. As seen in our Subscription Box Report, we explore the audiences behind the growth of the top retail disruptors, and reveal why your brand should consider adopting a subscription box strategy.


The growth of subscription boxes

The subscription box industry has shown itself to be one of the fastest growing retail verticals in the UK, with year-on-year online visits rising by 30% in 2017 to a total of 76.7 million.  This surge in traffic was largely driven by the Fashion & Beauty and Food & Alcohol categories during the month of November, as Black Friday has become a more widely adopted trend in retail throughout the UK.


Who contributed this growth?

A total of 3.1 million people visited a website in the subscription box industry in Q4 last year. By looking at the demographics of these consumers, we find that 18-24 year old’s were the primary drivers throughout this period, being 16% more likely to have visited a sub box website and are 10% more likely to be female. However, looking when looking at the largest rise of consumer within this industry, we find that shoppers aged 45+ have risen by 40% with a staggering rise of 125% being Male shoppers.



What does the Sub Box Shopper Care about?

By looking at the attitudes of the sub box audience, we find that they tend to be fashion-conscious, ethical and influenced by celebrities and external recommendations. However, when we look deeper into the different category’s, we see that there are differences between who is shopping for what. For example:

What does this all mean?

As shoppers start to move away from the high street, it is evident that this industry will continue to see growth throughout 2018. By knowing the attitudes and behaviours of different sub box shoppers, you will be able to optimise your budget allocation and target your audiences more effectively.

To read more on the subscription box industry and how brands are utilising this data, read the full report here: Subscription Box Industry

To find out how you can segment your consumers effectively, learn about consumer insights today.

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