What Are Online Super Consumers and…

What Are Online Super Consumers and How Do I Spot Them?

Most marketers measure their traffic in aggregate, benchmarking total visits and uniques over time. Advanced marketers may also track the age and gender of their visitors, to get a sense of who spends time onsite. But these basic metrics only provide a narrow view of your best online audience.

Weighing alternative metrics, like time spent, time share and pages per session, can surface valuable opportunities — hidden “super consumers” — who are already engaged with your brand. Here are a few examples, using real data from several top fast fashion retailers.

Micro-Segments: Looking Within Your Audience

Let’s say GAP identified Millennial women as their largest online audience. Within that segment, who is spending more time with GAP? Visiting more pages? These sub-segments within their larger audience are not only expressing stronger interest in GAP products, they also create more opportunities for GAP to convert them during their prolonged shopping journey.

GAP Super Consumer

New Segments: Different from Your Target Audience

Remember that your largest audience isn’t necessarily your best. While the majority of ASOS’ visitors are Millennial women, Millennial men are more engaged on multiple levels. They spend more than 2x the time per page as their female counterparts. Knowing this, ASOS might invest more in attracting young men, who spend more time and click around a lot more on their site than young women do.

ASOS Super Consumer

Partnerships: Reach Highly Engaged Fans

Demographics are great, but there’s more than one way to define an audience. You can also create segments based on interests, brand affinities and even celebrity fandom. Unique groups like these can present powerful partnership opportunities — ones that provide you with access into an already engaged fanbase.

For example, we see that Disney fans are even more engaged with H&M than Millennial women are. This may be why H&M smartly decided partner with Disney to produce co-branded apparel for adults and children.

Disney H&M Super Consumer
The same philosophy could be used to develop strategic celebrity partnerships. Based on the information below, Forever 21 might decide to partner with Kylie Jenner to create an exclusive clothing line, like their competitor, TopShop.

Forever21 Kylie Jenner Super Consumer
This report was excerpted from our Super Customers Report, which details strategies to identify and engage your most loyal audience.
Data pulled using Digital Behavior Reports in Hitwise AudienceView over 4 rolling weeks
from March 4 – March 31st, 2018. Demographic audiences (i.e. “Asian Millennial Women”) based on consumer characteristics. “Kylie Jenner Fans” audience based on people searching for variations of “kylie jenner” and visiting fan websites. Website visitation overlap pulled using Crosstab report.

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