Ocean Media Uses Hitwise Data to…

Ocean Media Uses Hitwise Data to Help Clients Get Ahead

As one of the largest independent media agencies, Ocean Media meets their client’s needs with inspired strategies rooted in advanced analytics. We spoke to Dave Coleman, VP of Strategy and Development, and Marcela Wilfong, Director of Research about how Ocean Media uses Hitwise to understand the competitive online landscape.

The Challenge:

Ocean Media strives to support their clients with the robust data and media strategies they need to stay competitive. Dave Coleman elaborates, “Ocean Media needs to understand the web traffic landscape. The challenge is understanding a client’s or prospect’s business, as well as being able to identify the competitive landscape and the different influences that are happening in that space.

We are using Hitwise to create many different strategies, whether it’s learning who’s visiting which websites, or getting a broader competitive perspective.

Dave Coleman, VP of Strategy & Development

The Solution:

Being able to quickly mine competitive insights, visualize them and act on them, is incredibly valuable for Ocean Media — and Hitwise makes that easy. Marcela Wilfong explains, “With Hitwise what’s lovely is that the interface is very intuitive and super simple to use. We create the target audience in Hitwise, run a Profile Snapshot report and literally all of the visuals are there. It saves us so much time to not have to worry about getting the data into Excel and then create the visuals. Being able to just do this on the fly is huge. It’s a massive benefit because every minute counts.”

Ocean Media uses Hitwise for both growth and retention. The New Business team uses Hitwise data to pitch new prospects, while the Account Service teams use Hitwise to shape strategies for existing clients. Dave elaborates, “We are using Hitwise to create many different strategies, whether it’s learning who’s visiting which websites, or getting a broader competitive perspective.”

Hitwise is super easy to use. You just go in, create your target audience, click a button, and literally there’s a ton of information and it’s all beautifully laid out with these great visuals.

Marcela Wilfong, Director of Research

The Results:

Hitwise is an important tool in Ocean Media’s analytics toolkit, and with the ability to mine data easily and quickly, it’s an essential one. Dave explains, “Ocean Media prides itself on being very data focused. We want to form meaningful observations based off different data sources. Hitwise has been invaluable as one of those data sources. Whether we’re understanding the customer or understanding the competition, our aim is to make smarter media investments for our clients.”

Dave and his team focus on being able to provide a high return on investment for their clients. Dave concludes, “We represent brands who all want to measure and understand how their media campaigns are contributing to their bottom line, and Hitwise helps Ocean Media do this.”

Hitwise insights enable Ocean Media to:


Create targeted audiences on the fly & instantly run reports, saving valuable time


Build different competitive strategies for both existing clients and prospects


Measure and understand how successful client campaigns are

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