Hitwise Product Launch: Market Research Data

Hitwise Product Launch: Market Research Data

Combining online and offline insights to provide a full 360° AudienceView

Hitwise monitors a panel of one million consumers (across mobile and desktop) and 45 million monthly searches. By integrating consumer survey data into Hitwise, using 20 thousand survey respondents, clients will now be able to focus their analysis around recognisable real-world audiences and client personas, and enrich their online view with valuable audience insights.

To bring these unique datasets together Hitwise identifies and matches like-for-like records using a proprietary modelling technique based on Behavioural Signature Linkage.

This method looks for characteristic patterns of website visitation across hundreds of sites and matches them across the datasets to link look-alike behavioural and demographic records. Once matched, records from the consumer survey dataset can donate information such as demographics or lifestyle characteristics to the matching online behavioural records, and the online behavioural dataset can donate behavioural information such as searches or visits back to the consumer survey dataset creating a powerful 360 degree view of your target audience online and offline.

To provide a rich profile of the consumer behind the behaviour we collect information about an extensive number of online and offline attributes including demographics, lifestyle, media consumption, brand buying habits, shopping intention and psychographics. These attributes span multiple categories such as Automotive, Finance & Insurance, Health, Media, Retail, Travel and Utilities.


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