Searches for “England Tattoo” up 1,233%

Searches for “England Tattoo” up 1,233%

“World Cup” reached an all-time high yesterday in the UK accounting for nearly 2% of all searches online. With England’s first World Cup semi-final since 1990 coming up tonight, we dive into the top search terms to find out what the nation’s been up to online.

Since the start of the tournament, we’ve noticed a 1,233% rise in searches for “England tattoo”, suggesting many England fans are already preparing how they’ll celebrate an England World Cup win.

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We also found fans were frantically searching for “flights to Russia” after England’s 2-0 win over Sweden in the quarter-finals, with searches up 431% since last Saturday. “It’s coming home” too has been a fast-growing search term, with an increase of 128% since that quarter-final win.

Searches for “England shirt” increased by 416% since the start of the World Cup, as fans rush to get their hands on the latest kit.

“Budweiser”, the official beer sponsor of the World Cup, have also seen their searches almost double, up 92%, since the beginning of the competition.

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