Echo Dot on track to be…

Echo Dot on track to be the top selling product on Prime Day 2018

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is fast approaching on the 16th of July. Prime members are gearing up for the 36 hours of exclusive deals and flash sales.

On the day of its official announcement, searches for “Prime Day” rose 162% and has since continued to climb, as consumers pour onto Amazon’s site looking for any hints or clues as to what might feature in this year’s sale.

In the past 30 days, the volume of “Prime Day” searches were also up 57% compared to last year. So if search is any indication of buying intent, 2018 looks set to beat all records from last year (Prime Day 2017 reaching $1 billion in sales globally).

Prime day 1

What products are trending in the lead up to Prime Day?

Amazon typically features heavy discounts on its own products, so it’s no surprise that the most viewed product pages in the days leading up to Prime were the Echo, the Kindle, and 2017’s most popular Prime Day product, the Echo Dot, which received over 185,000 visits.

Gamers are also keeping close tabs on Amazon’s site, with the Nintendo Switch product page receiving over 68,000 visits in the past seven days, along with the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset receiving just over 55,000 visits.

Prime Day 3

Thanks to the recent scorching temperatures, fans and AC related products were also amongst the top visited product pages on Amazon. Honeywell Turbo Fan topped the list with a massive 208,000 visits in the past seven days.

Prime Day 2

Prime Day continues to attract more attention and online interest. Consumers are prepping for the big day – researching and looking out for their favourite products. The 36 hours of deals (6 more hours than last year) will no doubt surpass the $1 billion mark in 2018.

Stay tuned for Hitwise’s coverage on Prime Day next week. To know more about our how we identify product pages within a site, sign up to our webinar on “Uncovering the Retailer Black Box”.


* YoY Search Trend = Prime Day 2017 (10-11 July) was six calendar days earlier than Prime Day 2018 (16-17 July). YoY Searches are lined up by the number of days leading up to Prime Day.

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