3 Steps to Spot, Segment, and…

3 Steps to Spot, Segment, and Grow your Super Customers

Super Customers come in all shapes and sizes but are notoriously hard to track down. They are the loyalty card member, the follower always sharing your posts, or more importantly the consumer bringing through consistent revenue to your brand.

Knowing your super customers not only helps you keep them loyal, but also gives you the knowledge and power to convert other segments of your audience to this highly valuable group.

In this post, we’ll show you our tricks on how to spot them within a crowd, how they can be segmented, and what to do with all that gold-dust when you have it.

Spotting your Super Customers

Knowing your audience’s age and gender is a great start, but detailed insights that also combine attitudes and behaviours can really spotlight the areas of your audience who are more likely to engage and turn into sales.

Let’s take a look at a well-known fashion retailer as an example. They might know that one segment of their audience is women, aged between 24 and 35. But by digging deeper, we can see that there are two distinct groups: the “Label Seekers” and the “Comfort Seekers”.

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“Comfort Seekers” engaged with the website more than the “Label Seekers”, as well as spending more time during their visit too. Magnifying an audience this way can help identify the consumers truly interested in your product, instead of the passive audience that comes and goes.

By keeping them happy, you help ensure that you have a consistent revenue stream from a group of loyal and active customers.

Unveiling your own Super Customers

It’s not just behaviours and attitudes that can help you uncover your Super Customers. Digging into the nitty gritty and analysing how often someone turns up on your website can also be valuable in nurturing future Super Customers too.

A quick snapshot of a leading business publication showed that the bulk of their readers visited only once per week, whilst a core group of around 7% of their readership visited over five times per week.

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Those “High Frequency” visitors are their Super Customers, loyal to the brand and eager to engage in the content. “Low Frequency” visitors, on the other hand, are potentially indifferent to the brand and are passively browsing through a search.

Armed, locked and loaded

By delving deeper into the needs and interests of these groups, we can spot some interesting highlights. It turns out that “Low Frequency” readers were engaging in content related to ‘Property’ and the ‘Euro’, whilst “High Frequency” readers were most interested in ‘Stocks, Shares and Bonds’ news.

Looking even closer, we can see how these different groups reach the content. “Low Frequency” users were more often using Search and News Aggregators, whereas the Super Customers were clicking through via Social Media.

Knowing all of this, the news publication can focus on creating content around Property or the Euro, and also push snippets on Social Media around Stocks, Shares and Bonds. Not only will this optimise their SEO and better target those “Low Frequency” visitors, but also keep their Super Customers happy. It’s a win-win situation


The first step in the hunt for your Super Customer’s is to find out who they are and what makes them tick. With a clear picture of who they are, what they’re interested in and how they’re searching, you can start planning methods on how to keep them, while bringing in more to your brand.

To learn more, download our Super Customers white paper, or get in contact with us today.

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