Almost 7 million transactions made on…

Almost 7 million transactions made on Amazon over Prime Day 2018

Update 15th July 2019: With Amazon Prime Day currently at the end of its first ever 48 hour stretch, will the Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Fire Stick steal the show again in 2019? And, will conversions continue to rise over the 10.4% YoY increase recorded in 2018? Watch this space as we keep you updated with the latest Amazon Prime insights!

Update 19th July 2019: Amazon broke records with Prime Day 2019, surpassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined by selling over 175 million items across 18 international markets. See how visits, sign ups and transactions have increased in our multi-market round-up on the record-breaking Prime Day here.


Amazon Prime Day 2018 was another successful event, keeping the mid-year sale hot on the consumer calendar. Whilst the site suffered some hiccups over in the US, the UK event saw more visits, more transactions and higher conversions compared to 2017.

Here are Hitwise’s top stats on Prime Day so far…

1. Amazon received over 89 million visits to its site on Prime Day (16/17 July), up 10.3% compared to last year. The first day also saw an extra 10 million visits compared to Prime Day 2017, as traction continues to grow for the event year-on-year.

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2. Amazon achieved a massive 654,000 more transactions – up 10.4% – this year compared to last, taking the total number of transactions to 6.94 million for Prime Day 2018. The conversion rate was also slightly up this year, with 7.78% of visitors being taken to a purchase confirmation page after browsing the site.

3. The Amazon Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot stole the show. The two Amazon products were the top purchases during Prime Day, with conversion rates of 18% and 11% respectively, double what they were the week before Prime Day.

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4. 2018 FIFA World Cup topped the searches on Amazon during Prime Day as the football fever still hadn’t disappeared. With the sunshine in the UK, “Fan” was the third most searched term, as consumers looked for an escape from the heat.

Prime Day Blog 3-2

5. Compared to the previous week, Amazon saw a rise of 27% in online retail share over Prime Day. Conversely, eBay saw a drop of 7% over this equivalent period. But not all online retailers had a bad day – Curry’s enjoyed a 22% rise week-on-week, thanks to their counter-campaigns and deals.

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* YoY = Prime Day 2017 (10-11 July) was six calendar days earlier than Prime Day 2018 (16-17 July). YoY dates are lined up by the number of days leading up to Prime Day.  

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