Over 17 million transactions made on…

Over 17 million transactions made on Amazon over Prime Day 2018

Prime Day’s 36 hours of deals, the longest period to date, kick-started on July 16.

During that period, Amazon processed over an incredible 17 million transactions, which was up 91% compared to the previous week (July 9/10). Out of the top 48 retailers, Amazon also accounted for 86% of all transactions made over these two days.

But the day didn’t go off without its hiccups. As soon as Prime Day started, Amazon’s site had crashed, which lasted for over two hours in large parts of California and New York. There was also skepticism over how much people were actually saving on deals, with reports stating that during the 2017 sale, some prices were hiked instead.

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Other retailers also jumped on the Prime Day bandwagon with competing campaigns and deals. Transactions made on other top retailer sites grew by 25% on Prime Day, compared to the previous week.

Among the top 10 retailers, almost all saw a week-in-week uplift. In particular, Target grew by 122% to reach almost 300,000 transactions, followed by Lowe’s rising by 90% and BestBuy rising by 81%.

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Despite initial hiccups, Amazon undeniably dominates the US market. But other e-commerce sites can and have used Prime Day to their advantage with counter-campaigns.

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* Top Retailers = includes transactions on top 48 retailer sites. 

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