3 Tips to Boost Your Cyber…

3 Tips to Boost Your Cyber Week

As the last rays of summer disappear, retailers and brands are already busily preparing for the next big date on the calendar, Cyber Week.

In this blog, we highlight three tips for marketers to get the greatest uplift from this important retail event, encompassing both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and before).

1. Track audience trends and shifts through fast-moving search analysis 

Act pre-emptively by tracking what your audience (and competitor’s audience) will be searching for, before Cyber Week. Hitwise data shows that the largest YoY growth was on the Friday to Sunday before Cyber Week. The reason why is two-fold: major retailers like Amazon, Curry’s and Argos are starting their promotions earlier; and consumers are also trawling through the web for inspiration and early deals.

Stay on top of fast-moving search terms to track which brands and products your shoppers are searching for. Similarly, track your competitor’s audience to see what their shoppers are searching for, so you can strategise how you can win some of that share before and during Cyber Week.

2. During the event, timing is key – know what your customers are looking by the hour 

On the day before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retail traffic spiked at 9 AM. In contrast, Black Friday saw a higher surge at midnight and at 9 AM (at 82% and 67%, respectively, than the previous day), as online shoppers stayed up to snag the best deals.

On Black Friday, retail sites and preferences change according to the hour. Visits to Computers, Video Games and Electronics specialists surged from midnight to early morning – the hot hours for big-ticket items. This preference then changed in the late evening, where Social Media tends to surge. Visits to Apparel, Sports, Health & Beauty and Toys specialists then took over from 9 pm to midnight.

Understanding this, make sure your site is well-ranked at your vertical’s optimal hours. For instance, if you are a Beauty retailer, re-push your promotional activity in the late evening hours of Black Friday. But, how and through which channels?

3. Get granular with your digital marketing channels – identify the best hours to drive traffic to your site 

Throughout Cyber Week, different channels drive traffic to retail sites over different hours. On Black Friday, clicks from search as the dominant channel began to grow from 9 AM. Social peaked throughout the night between 11 PM and 2 AM, clicks from Rewards sites overtook Social at 6-8 AM.

No two peak days are also the same. Cyber Monday showed a different trend to Black Friday, with clicks from search picking up later in the morning from 11 AM. Email also played a more important role on Cyber Monday, spiking at 9 AM and sending traffic to retail sites until 5 PM, then Rewards take over.

Understand the optimal hours of digital marketing channels to ensure your promotions are seen by your target audience. For instance, create Social posts in the late evening the day before Black Friday and further promote on this channel toward the final hours of the day. Email also plays a dominant role on Cyber Monday, make sure your offer or last minute deals are at the top of your customer’s inbox before 9 AM Monday.


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