5 Online Stats You Should Know…

5 Online Stats You Should Know Before Black Friday

Black Friday is tomorrow! See how the retail industry has fared in the build up to the largest online shopping date of the year. Understand which verticals are growing or declining, and find out what are 2018’s  “hot products” with these five Hitwise stats:


1. Online Retail is Down Compared to this Time Last Year

Flattening year-on-year results in October has carried through to the start of November (view our retail insight of the month here).

In the week before the “official” start of Cyber Week (ending the 17th of November), online retail reached almost 977 million visits. Compared to last year, this was down 4%, but traffic is ramping up faster. Over the past four weeks, total visits have grown by 14% compared to 11% in 2017.

2. But there are Mixed Results by Retail Vertical

Department Stores, which accounts for 40% of the online retail industry, saw a 4% year-on-year drop along with other popular Cyber Week categories, Apparel and Electronics. The closure of Toys ‘R’ Us also impacted the Toys vertical, which declined by 9%.

But other categories that have performed strongly throughout 2018 continued to grow, including: House & Garden, Health & Beauty and Alcohol & Groceries. On a smaller scale, the success of Single’s Day, through AliExpress and Tmall sites by Alibaba, has bolstered the Wholesale industry, which grew 9% year-on-year.

3. Amazon Continues to Grow, along with other Top Risers

Key retailers within each vertical have already seen early signs of success. In the week ending 17th of November, Amazon has grown a further 6% to reach 27% share of the online retail industry. Fast fashion brands, such as PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly, continue to climb, as well as House & Garden retailers like Etsy and Beauty retailers like Beauty Bay.


4. Video game, Fallout 76, Dominates Top Product Searches

Yearly favourites, Nintendo Switch, Fitbit, Lego and PS4, were again in the top 10 products on search engines like Google and Bing. But it’s Fallout 76, which has taken top spot. Over 110,000 people searched for this video game, which was almost three times the size of the next searched-for product, Nintendo Switch.

5. Searches on Amazon have ramped up, with top products up over 100%

The Nintendo Switch was however the top searched for item on Amazon. Over 1 million searches were made in the week ending 17th of November,  up 103% compared to last week. Similarly, searches for Fitbit, Laptops and Tablets more than doubled on Amazon. Out of the top 10 products, Amazon’s own Echo Dot, saw the fastest acceleration with searches quadrupling week-on-week.


We’ll be posting the latest Black Friday and Cyber-Week Data as they unravel

Hitwise will be publishing top performing industries, fast rising retailers and brands, as well as top product purchases in the weeks to come.

You can also save your seat for our Christmas Unwrapped Webinar here! We deep-dive and unravel key insights from Black Friday, Cyber Week and the Christmas sales periods.

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