’s Triple Win: Hitwise Secures Customers,…’s Triple Win: Hitwise Secures Customers, Competitive Advantage, and the Bottom Line is the UK’s leading provider of gift experiences. From helicopter flights to spa days to supercar drives, has pioneered the concept of creating unique memories for its customers. In a crowded marketplace, harnesses Hitwise online insights to act first and fastest—staying ahead of the competition and driving traffic to its site by always giving customers what they want.

The Challenge

With a 16 year heritage, has seen the experience day marketplace become increasingly competitive. It is a pure play ecommerce site, where differentiation depends on the excellence and diverse range of its offering, the quality of its customer service, flexibility with offering free exchanges and competitive pricing.

For, keeping up with the competition is not an option—it needs to stay ahead. This demands 360-degree awareness of what’s happening in the marketplace and the ability to act in virtual real-time. Agility is critical, with success dependent on anticipating and meeting changing customer tastes.

Always ahead of the curve, the company began looking for a partner that could harness the power of online intelligence to their precise business need. Objectives were clear—to innovate in line with dynamic customer preferences, understand and learn from customer interaction with its competitors and boost the bottom line.

The Solution

Following approaches from a large number of other companies, selected Hitwise as its online intelligence partner. Christiana Kyriakides, Head of Acquisition for said, “We pride ourselves on having the best digital marketing team, with the best tools to deliver the best customer experience. Hitwise stands out because no one else shows us who our customers are, their behaviours and our competitive environment in such depth and breadth.”

Having worked with Hitwise previously, Christiana also knows that it is, first and foremost, a business focused solution. Its near real-time online insight is perfectly suited to a pricefocused, competitive industry where constant optimisation needs to be the baseline. With using paid and organic search, as well as affiliate marketing, them what is happening and the areas they need to be targeting.

Ease of use is another differentiator, presenting complex data in ways that are simple to understand—particularly powerful when not all users are data specialists. Data visualisations allow to translate insight into actions that deliver immediate business benefit.

Using a new offering from the Hitwise team, we were able to highlight that a Buyagift spa product wasn’t receiving as much traffic as a competitor’s similar offering. Before Hitwise, we would make changes based on guesses. With Hitwise, we were able to identify deficiencies, optimise our offering, and boost visits and conversion—all in a matter of moments.

Christiana Kyriakides, Head of Acquisition


Hitwise is now an integral and invaluable part of’s digital marketing operations, including:

Search Team, using Hitwise to identify keywords, applying insights to optimize traffic in near real-time

Ecommerce Team, leveraging Hitwise to help boost customer acquisition, conversion, development, and retention

Buying Team, accessing data on popular pages to anticipate and source the products that customers really want and when they want them

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