Global CPG Brand Gets Ahead with…

Global CPG Brand Gets Ahead with Help from Hitwise

One of the leading global CPG organizations that produces and markets pet food uses Hitwise to develop effective marketing strategies and keep tabs on the competition. We spoke to the Consumer Insights Director of the well-known brand about how Hitwise has helped the company get ahead.

The Challenge

The Consumer Insights team of this well known pet nutrition brand supports all sales initiatives, from e-commerce to digital marketing. They constantly get questions like “How did this product launch go?”, “Why isn’t this campaign performing?” and “How can we do better?” Hitwise helps them provide concrete answers and build clear, data-driven solutions to these problems.

The Solution

The simplicity of onboarding really set Hitwise apart from other analytics tools. The Consumer Insights Director explains, “I felt Hitwise had a much better understanding of our requirements than their competitors. What makes Hitwise unique is the ease in which you can customize your views. Other tools make it a lot more complicated. We also have great account support. Hitwise helped us get up and running, making sure we we’re going down the right path.”

What Hitwise clickstream has done is help us understand exactly what our competitors’ strategies are.

Consumer Insights Director

This pet food nutrition company uses Hitwise clickstream data to measure results from advertising campaigns across different sites. “It’s that after effect of, ‘Okay, people have seen an ad, people have had some contact with the brand, so then what?’, and then tracking changes in behavior.”

Hitwise also helps the company build a richer competitive strategy. “Being able to benchmark against the competition, for not only the volume of traffic, but also the quality of conversions and best-converting sources, is so important.”

The Results

Hitwise has enabled this CPG brand to show the value of their campaign advertising more accurately and quickly. “Typically, when we tried to track campaigns it took six months before we could show the benefit of some touch points. That’s changing really rapidly with Hitwise, because we’re able to show the results of campaigns pretty directly. That’s been a major change, and a real benefit to us,” explains the Consumer Insights Director.

Clickstream data provided a clearer window into where the brand’s competitors were winning traffic, and where they were struggling. “Being able to identify where our competitors are benefiting, but also what’s not paying off for them, is key. Hitwise has added a lot of transparency into something that was pretty opaque before.”

“The more it can shed light on not just what we’re doing, but also what our competition is doing,” concludes the Director, “The more helpful a tool is. And that’s where we really see the benefit of Hitwise, to show us what the broader picture is.”

Hitwise has added a lot of transparency to something that was pretty opaque before.

Consumer Insights Director
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