Condé Nast Britain Powers Growth in…

Condé Nast Britain Powers Growth in Digital Readership

Condé Nast Britain is home to some of the world’s most iconic media titles, including British Vogue, GQ, Wired, Glamour and CNTraveller.

As part of Condé Nast International, this multi-media platform publisher has a presence in 28 markets, and its websites are read in 231 countries across the globe.

The Challenge

Attracting 17 million visitors a month, Condé Nast Britain is easily one of the leaders in the digital space. Their success relies on relentless optimisation in reader engagement. Their growth is also driven by more than 40 digital editorial staff, who require best-in-class search intelligence and competitor analysis tools.

Both in-house expertise and third-party tools, like Hitwise, are needed to allow Condé Nast Britain to keep in touch with their readers and stay ahead of the competition.

Hitwise is an easy investment to make, and one that pays for itself many times over.

Geoff Richards, Head of Data, Analytics & Insights

The Solution

Geoff Richards – Head of Data, Analytics & Insight for Condé Nast Britain – sees data as the enabler for his staff to succeed. “Building digital readership demands data that’s both UK-specific and highly accurate, and Hitwise delivers this in spades.” The benefits are clear:

Methodology: Hitwise’s data depth is unmatched, derived from a panel of over 3 million UK internet users, which is aggregated and anonymised to represent the UK’s online population.

Insight: This means that tools, such as search term variations and competitor gap analysis, are accurate, insightful and actionable.

Service: Hitwise also provides detailed onsite training and ongoing support, allowing editorial teams to access insight quickly, simply and effectively.

Hitwise Case Study: Conde Nast Britain

It’s a combination that has rapidly won over some initially sceptical colleagues: as Geoff puts it, “the proof of the Hitwise pudding is in the eating.” Condé Nast Britain now uses Hitwise insight to:

Quantify the obvious: to both confirm a marketing hypothesis and give it (and alternative choices) a numerical value – delivering accuracy and confidence in selection.

Prove the unlikely: identify and exploit insight that’s contrary to common assumptions. Hitwise data means that Condé Nast Britain can prove the value of ‘left field’ insights.


Condé Nast Britain titles have enjoyed huge growth in traffic from organic search, with individual articles seeing over 100% year-on-year gains.

Significant improvements have been delivered through simple optimisations. Reports, like Search Term Variations, are used to help identify popular keywords, understand reader’s needs and interests, and develop content accordingly.

Writing teams now make data-aware decisions when planning every piece of content. Geoff also calls out insights from historical seasonal demand data, which he describes as, “…another killer Hitwise feature”. The power to ‘prove the unlikely’ is similarly valuable:

Within the first month of our Hitwise contract, I was brought into discussions on a large advertising campaign – where the client believed that we didn’t reach their target audience.

Using Hitwise data, I was able to myth-bust assumptions and turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ – winning the deal and delivering a very successful campaign.

Geoff Richards, Head of Data, Analytics & Insights
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