La Trobe University Cuts Through A…

La Trobe University Cuts Through A Crowded Marketplace Using Hitwise

The Challenge

A crowded market of online, campus-based and international tertiary study options.

The multitude of players in the tertiary education market all use digital channels to compete for a finite number of new students, with their websites providing, not only key information, but shaping expectations of each institution.

La Trobe requires efficient and effective tools and strategies to identify, capture then support the enrolment of future students. Whilst site-centric analytics tools are powerful in many ways, they alone do not provide La Trobe University enough information about the background, preferences, channels and needs that influence the decisions made by potential students.

Hitwise provides a clear view of the search terms and sources bringing traffic not only to our own site, but also to our key competitors. We can assess how effective our campaigns are in market at the same time as we observe competitor activity. This really helps us with refining our expenditure and approach to campaigns.

Judith Evans, Director – Digital Engagement & Recruitment

The Solution

Key data is delivered weekly and detailed reports containing insights and recommendations are submitted quarterly, in a bespoke service designed to perfectly fit La Trobe University’s marketing requirements. The ability to track sub-domains and traffic to future student sites of major competitors provides powerful insights which are captured, quantified and analysed by Hitwise, then used by La Trobe to benchmark their performance against industry standards.

Hitwise Case Study: La Trobe University


La Trobe University is now able to assess market trends as they emerge, utilise that knowledge in media buying decisions and build successful
marketing campaigns with messages tailored to specific audience groups. Accurate insights into how their major competitor’s campaigns are performing in market provides a business case for marketing decisions and budget expenditure.

The thing that’s been most impactful for us is understanding our ‘share of voice – this objective third party view shows what’s being generated out of campaign activity and also gives us a foundation to increase market activity where the biggest responses are being achieved

Judith Evans, Director – Digital Engagement and Recruitment

Identification of ‘Mosaic’ consumer profiling including off-line lifestyle and behaviors enables La Trobe  to further refine its marketing efforts into unique approaches for social media channels, work with the most active referrer sites and align its website-based marketing campaigns with non-branded keywords or phrases being used by potential students in their research and inquiries.

Some unexpected benefits for La Trobe include consumer insights into potential markets not currently being targeted, but are nonetheless generating early enquiries into study options. La Trobe’s marketing department is able to utilise this information as a foundation for future market expansion.

The Hitwise team ensures LaTrobe receives relevant, timely and in-depth insights that help drive an informative marketing approach to ultimately reach and engage students.

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