The Met Office Uses Hitwise to…

The Met Office Uses Hitwise to Increase Its Reach with Highly Successful Content Marketing

The Met Office is the world-leading weather and climate service which works closely with governments, individuals and organisations to share expert scientific knowledge and advice.

A pioneer for more than 150 years, its reputation for scientific excellence has been built through world class research by its scientists and close links with international academia. As the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office generates forecasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Met Office is a Trading Fund within the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. It provides products and services to a range of government and commercial customers, generating its own revenue and demonstrating a return on investment.

The Challenge

At the heart of the Met Office’s business is the work it does to help save lives and protect property and infrastructure. Its work also supports growth and prosperity by helping businesses such as energy suppliers, retailers, airlines and transport companies to operate efficiently and effectively. But there’s also great demand for more contextual information such as forecasts for leisure activities like surfing, cycling, and major events.

The Solution

The Met Office formed its Digital Marketing Team in 2009 with the remit of increasing reach and driving new revenue through SEO, email marketing and a more thorough understanding of its USPs.

Having previously done all digital activity and advertising in-house, Hitwise was selected to assist with finding potential partners and fuelling a targeted content marketing strategy.


Following a thorough competitor and gap analysis, conducted using Hitwise’s online competitor benchmarking functions, the Met Office was able to ppinpoint areas of relevant opportunity and produce authoritative content based on actual user demand.

The success of its content marketing means the Met Office now drives traffic outside its more traditional avenues of general forecasting and severe weather warnings. Insights from Hitwise have led to the creation of the Met Office’s events calendar featuring content around key dates such as Six Nations Rugby matches and festivals like Glastonbury.

We use Hitwise for gap analysis work to benchmark and highlight opportunities and then work with our scientists, experts, and developers to create content to fill those gaps. Content marketing is now our USP. Hitwise is a valuable tool which has contributed to our success.

Simon Swan, Head of Digital Marketing

Successful content campaigns have driven increased partnership opportunities – for instance, content on pollen is sponsored by a major external organisation.

The Met Office also uses Hitwise’s Mosaic segmentation tool combined with Hitwise to develop a better understanding of who its most and least frequent visitors were in order to guide future content and marketing activity.

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