US Hot Products: Video Games Down;…

US Hot Products: Video Games Down; Gift Cards & Airpods Up This Week

Christmas is just right around the corner, and for the past few weeks, Hitwise has tracked the top products that are searched for on search engines and within Amazon. So, what’s top of mind only days before the holidays?

In the week ending December 15th, looking at Top Search Engine Searches, game buying seems to be wrapping up. For the first time all season, no video games were among the top four products. The three games that remained in the top 10 all fell in terms of the number of Americans who were searching for them week-over-week.

By contrast, the other seven top products saw increases in the number of people searching for them. Apple’s Airpods were among the fastest risers last week with two variations of the product appearing in the top 10 and both showing an increase in unique searchers week-over-week. Also worth noting is Fitbit’s continued lead over the Apple Watch this year. Last week, Fitbit moved into the third spot overall bringing flashbacks of the 2016 holiday season with nearly 90,000 Americans querying the term, up 7% WoW.

Hitwise US Top Search Engine Searches: Dec 15, 2018

Over on Amazon, the top 10 Amazon Searches were completely free of video games, though Nintendo Switch was the top item for the sixth week in a row. All of the top terms on Amazon saw increases in searches. Variations around gift cards occupied three of the top 10 spots (including two of the top three spots) and showed among the greatest growth week-over-week. Larger ticket items like laptops, iPads and TVs also dropped from the list making way for lower priced items like headphones, which rejoined the top 10 last week after being absent from the list for a month.

Hitwise US Top Amazon Searches: Dec 15, 2018

On the toy front, tried and true brands dominated the list of Top Amazon Toys last week, as they have done more or less all season. This is something we haven’t seen for a few years as the toy list is usually dominated by newcomers like Hatchimals, Fingerlings or some other such item. Despite the fact that Squishies broke into the top 10 last week, it, along with LOL Surprise Dolls were essentially the only exceptions. Otherwise, it’s been a very good year for Nerf, Lego, Hot Wheels, Barbie and traditional board games.

Hitwise US Top Toys: Dec 15, 2018

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