Top Stats from Boxing Day 2018:…

Top Stats from Boxing Day 2018: Australia’s largest online retail day grew a further 7.5% YoY

In a previous blog, Hitwise highlighted how November has become a star-studded month of high-profile online shopping dates – from Single’s Day, Click Frenzy, Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

As a result, many had feared that November’s online success would detract from December’s retail results.

Hitwise has crunched the numbers for online retail.

December is still the largest online month of the year. Visits grew by 2.2% YoY in December to reach 1.1 billion, whereas, November grew by only 1.3% YoY to reach 1.0 billion.

Boxing Day and Black Friday saw the strongest YoY growth

In particular, Boxing Day was the largest single retail day, drawing over 58 million visits on the 26th December. This was 33% greater than the next largest retail day, Black Friday, which drew 43.6 million visits on the 23rd November. Compared to other key retail days, both Black Friday and Boxing Day posted the strongest YoY growth of 7.5%. 

Boxing Day 2018: Total Visits

Retail visits peaked at 10am on Boxing Day 

Online retail traffic also behaved completely different on Boxing Day. Visits began to surge from 6am onwards, and spiked at 10am on Boxing Day. In anticipation for sales, visits on Christmas Day also rose lunchtime onwards. Hourly retail traffic then returned back to normal the day after on the 27th

Boxing Day 2018: Visits by Hour

Boxing Day’s spike was driven by traditional retailers

eBay dominated with the 3.7 million visits on Boxing Day, followed by electronics retailers, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. Harvey Norman, along with Myer, posted triple growth compared to the previous week. Interestingly, eBay and Amazon both saw more visits and weekly growth on Black Friday than on Boxing Day. Whereas, traditional and fashion retailers like David Jones, Myer and The Iconic, leaned toward Boxing Day, seeing larger growth than on Black Friday. 

Boxing Day 2018: Top Retailers

Myer had a comparatively high conversion rate of 2.68%

Myer converted more visits to online purchases than other top retailers, including David Jones. Product deals and multi-channel tactics were key to this. Myer’s converting traffic predominately from Search (at over 50%), but additionally through Social Media (Youtube– 4% and Facebook – 3%) and Rewards sites (OzBargain– 2% and Cash Rewards – 2%).

Boxing Day 2018: Purchases & Conversions

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