How YouTube drives more Buyers to…

How YouTube drives more Buyers to Pet Circle’s site

Pet Circle launched a clever ad promoting their online services last year. The commercial, which featured a dog pulling pet food out of a laptop with its owner in shock, garnered over 1 million views on YouTube. 

Pet Circle Ad 2018.

So, did Pet Circle attract more online buyers, compared their competitors?

In the first 6 weeks of the year, Pet Circle saw over 1.3M visits and 60K transactions on its site, converting at 4.4%. Pet Circle’s competitor set, understandably, received over twice the number of transactions but converted at a lower rate of 3.5%.

This is great news for Pet Circle. They’re more effective at turning online browsers into buyers than their competitors, but there is also high risk. 45% of Pet Circle’s buyers visited a competitor site, whereas, only 31% of competitor buyers visited their site.

Hitwise, AU. Conversion Funnel = Visited/Online Purchase on Pet Circle’s site, vs. key competitors.  Period = 6 weeks ending February 16, 2019.

To grow their exclusive buyers, Pet Circle could then understand how their buyers uniquely find their site.

YouTube attracted over 400% more clicks from Pet Circle buyers, than general browsers.  

Looking at traffic sources for Pet Circle buyers, compared to “browsers” (i.e. people who visit but don’t make an online purchase), buyers were 20%+ more likely to come from PayPal, Gmail and Pet Barn. More importantly, this segment was 443% more likely to click through YouTube than a general browser.

Hitwise, AU. Traffic sources to Pet Circle’s site. Period = 6 weeks ending February 16, 2019.

This data implies that their video ad has worked well at driving converting customers, and that their buyers spend more time on YouTube.

But the retailer also heavily features pet advice videos, such as “New Puppy? 10 things you NEED to know!” or “How to choose the best food for your pet”, which garner less than 1,000 views. 

Search insights can feed into future content and campaign ideas 

Although Pet Circle buyers were less likely to click through Google, search insights can still be used to understand their customers’ needs. Their buyers were more likely to search for advice on “very active dogs” and “how to cool (them) down”, which are great ideas for future content. 

Hitwise, AU.Top over-indexed searches to the Pets & Animals industry. Period = 6 weeks ending February 16, 2019.

What does this data tell us?

Whether you have buyers, bookers or applicants, audience-based principles can apply to any business looking to grow and convert more customers.

For Pet Circle, their online buyers were more likely to come from YouTube and actively searched for pet care advice. It comes down to understanding what makes your buyers unique, and differentiating their digital behaviours and searches.

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