Fashion’s Super Nova

Fashion’s Super Nova

Fast fashion needs to constantly stay ahead of the latest trends to remain relevant for today’s most savvy shoppers. While site traffic is important, it’s more insightful when used to keep a pulse on which players are growing and resonating with consumers now.

Looking at the top 10 fast fashion sites from the 12 weeks trailing March 23, Forever 21 sees the largest volume with 32.4 million visits, but year on year has fallen the most at 20%. Fashion Nova trails by a million visits but had the most significant growth at 49% year on year.

How did Fashion Nova achieve this? Well, the number of visitors to the site is up 41% and, on average, users are visiting the site one more time than they did last year. Although time per visit and number of page views are slightly down, the time spent per page has grown by 5 seconds. This demonstrates that Fashion Nova shoppers are spending their time on the site with more focused browsing behavior.

With over 15 million Instagram followers (up 41% in the past year) and a streamlined production process that goes from conception to production in just one week, Fashion Nova has become a powerhouse in fast fashion. It’s no surprise that they are generating more site traffic year on year, but what types of consumers are leading this charge?

Fashion Nova’s audience is heavily skewed towards younger demographics. Gen Z-ers in the 18-24 age category are 37% more likely to shop at Fashion Nova than the average online population. Producing pieces that emulate trending outfits on Instagram quickly is essential for staying relevant in the fast fashion space. Especially since Fashion Nova gets 27% more clicks directly to their site from Instagram compared to other fast fashion sites. Meanwhile, older audiences, like the 65+ group, are 21% less likely to visit Fashion Nova. Perhaps grandma isn’t as interested in copying Cardi B’s style.

Brands that understand the preferences of their target audience will be able to develop content and prioritize digital channels that drive site traffic. Fashion Nova is just one example in the fashion industry of how this can lead to desired results. For more insights on fast fashion trends and up & coming sites, check out our 2018 Digital Fashion Report.

Source: Hitwise, US (12/30/18 – 3/23/19 with year on year analysis)

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