Renault X Ricciardo: Despite “shocking” opening…

Renault X Ricciardo: Despite “shocking” opening Grand Prix, Renault accelerates online

It’s fair to say that Renault’s newest sign-up, Daniel Ricciardo, had an “absolute shocker” at the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Before signing with Renault in August 2018, the 29-year-old Aussie star had secured an impressive seven Grand Prix wins and stepped onto the podium a total of 29 times.

These credentials have made Ricciardo’s crash within seconds of starting the Melbourne Grand Prix on 14 March all the more surprising. 

But all wasn’t lost on the track that day.

With Hitwise data, we can show that there have been positives from the Renault and Ricciardo partnership. Specifically, Renault has seen an uplift in their online audiences, brand searches and onsite conversions in Australia.

Searches for Renault and Ricciardo have climbed in the past year

Since Renault’s announcement in August to bring Ricciardo on board, searches in Australia for the brand have grown steadily. Renault searches were 33% higher in the month of the announcement, compared to the previous month. In the week of the Grand Prix, Renault searches were also 10% higher than last year’s event. To put that figure into context, searches for competitor brand, Mercedes, were only 4% higher year-on-year.

Source: Hitwise, AU Market

Renault attracted more people with each key event

The actual number of people searching for the brand has also spiked with each key event. Renault’s audience rose 60% in August, compared to July. Their online audience also increased 20% month-on-month and 20% year-on-year over the month of the Grand Prix.

Source: Hitwise, AU Market

In addition to search, Renault also saw higher buying intent on their site.

On top of searches and online audiences, Renault has seen higher buying intent on their Australian site too. Visits to their “Offers” page increased 68% in March, compared to the previous month. Visits to their “Find a Dealer” page also rose 66% month-on-month. These online touch points have grown steadily over the past six months, from October to March.   

Source: Hitwise, AU Market

What does this data tell us?   

If Renault decides to throw Ricciardo to the curb, the car brand should firstly take a look at their online results.

Their partnership has helped gain a larger online following and see greater volume of brand searches. More importantly, Renault has had more hits to specific buying intent pages on their Australian site.

These metrics are vital to measuring digital uplifts from brand partnerships or advertising campaigns. Analytics into search behaviour, audience composition and online conversions, pre, during and post event, can help brands accurately assess whether or not a campaign was a winning success or a crashing failure. 

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