Start Planning for Peak Week

Start Planning for Peak Week

The state of retail in 2018’s peak week and what we can learn from it.

Accounting for one-third of retail sales in 2018, retail is growing, but at a slower growth – online visits and footfall were down YoY during the festive period. Despite this, retailers are getting more effective at converting customers, especially during the pre-Christmas period where conversions were up 11.5%. Will retaining buyers be a determining factor in 2019’s Peak Week?

All key product categories on Amazon rose in November and converted 2X higher than the industry average, growing over Black Friday and Pre-Christmas. Heavy discounts around the hottest products proved to be just one of the tactics behind Amazon’s dominance, so, combating Amazon’s superiority this year will be on many agendas for brands.

Consumers are also becoming more inclined to base their purchases around sustainability and ethical retail with searches for “ethical fashion” up 10% YoY and “palm oil” up 514% YoY for example. With the increase in ethically conscious consumers, it will be interesting to see the audience overlaps which will unfold during peak weeks and how retailers can “steal” audiences from competitors.

In our webinar, we answer questions like, what will change this year? Is retail experiencing stagnating growth? Will consumer behaviours and expectancies continue to shift? How can Amazon’s dominance continue to be an issue for retailers?

Join our webinar where we package digital marketing tactics and e-commerce strategies to plan for Peak and provide you with the latest insights in:

  • What’s happened so far in 2019 and how this can affect the next 7 months
  • What we can learn and predict from 2018’s Golden Quarter
  • Recommendations and the latest digital marketing tactics to have a successful Q4 and dominate Peak Week

Register to our webinar and prepare for peak week.

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