Easter 2019 Round-Up

Easter 2019 Round-Up

In a very rare occasion, the UK was actually warmer than Spain, Italy and Greece over the Easter long weekend.

This couldn’t be more contrasting to the arctic winds and freezing temperatures of last year’s “White Easter, over the end of March 2018. This year’s Easter, falling three weeks later at the end of April 2019, saw many parts of the UK reach record-breaking temperatures.

So as Britons recover from their four-day benders and sunburns, Hitwise has crunched the numbers. In our roundup, we look at which retailers won the online Easter battle, and see what new hot products were trending this year.

Amazon dominated Easter weeks with over 400M online visits.

Easter is another opportunity for retailers to promote seasonal products, from food and grocery to house and garden. This year was no exception, with Amazon starting their sales one week ahead of Easter. In the two weeks to April 27, Amazon recorded over 400 million visits to their site, which was a 4% gain compared to last year.

But Amazon wasn’t the only big winner. With sunnier weather, Britons took advantage of the long weekend to upgrade their gardens and homes. Screwfix, B&Q, and Etsy saw over 10% gains in online visits compared to Easter last year.

Top 10 Retailers
Easter Weeks 2019 vs 2018

Source: Hitwise, UK Market. 2weeks to 27 April, 2019 vs. 2 weeks to 7 April, 2018.

Fashion saw the largest increases in Amazon internal searches.

On top of growing online traffic, Amazon also converted a greater number of visits. 30 million transactions were recorded in the two weeks to April 27, an increase of 14% compared to last year. So, what products were people seeking on Amazon to drive that growth?

It wasn’t your standard electronics and appliances that Amazon is known for. The largest search increases, compared to the two weeks prior, were fashion items, including dresses, shorts, and sunglasses, followed by house & garden products, like BBQs and sun loungers (find out more hot products for the industry in our latest House & Garden Report).

With over 40 private fashion labels and the launch of Amazon Wardrobe last year, Amazon is looking to dominate yet another retail category. Internal search results, at least for basic clothing items, are showing that consumers are taking note.

Amazon Internal Searches *
Easter Weeks 2019 vs. Previous Two Weeks

Term # Searches (‘000)% Difference
8“sun lounger”262.1452%
9“garden furniture”528.4393%

Source: Hitwise, UK Market. *Amazon Internal Searches, exclude books & entertainment searches like“game of thrones”. 2 weeks to 27 April 2019 vs. 2 weeks to 13 April 2019.

Beyond Burger, Game of Thrones Whisky, and Hot Tubs 

Amazon still leaves a large slice for other retailers to grow online, as seen with Screwfix, B&Q, and Etsy. The key is to stay close to new or fast-rising trends through search.

Veganism continued to rise, with searches for “vegan cheese”, “quorn nuggets” and “beyond burger” all growing year-on-year. The spike in “beyond burger” searches also comes at the same time its company, Beyond Meat, was valued at a whopping £1.1 billion ahead of its IPO. 

Fandom has also influenced our tipple of choice. In time for the show’s final season, searches for “Game of Thrones whisky” were trending, thanks to Johnny Walker’s pun-tastic “White Walker” limited edition whisky.

Top Rising Searches – Groceries & Alcohol

Term% Difference
“yorkie easter egg”647%
“vegan cheese”581%
“unicorn gin”183%
“quorn nuggets”139%
“vegan easter egg”New
“beyond burger”New
“nitrate free bacon”New
“game of thrones whisky”New
“nitrate free bacon”New

Source: Hitwise, UK Market. Relative difference in # searches to Groceries & Alcohol and House & Garden industries. 2 weeks to 27 April 2019 vs. 2 weeks to 7 April 2018.

Record-breaking temperatures also saw Britons also lapping up the sun. Searches for “BBQs”, “hot tubs” and “sun loungers” spiked year-on-year. New terms like “outdoor rugs” and “paddling pools” also peaked this year. 

Top Rising Searches – House & Garden

TermDifference %
“sun loungers”639%
“garden parasol”627%
“hot tubs”415%
“garden loungers”New
“outdoor rug”New
“air conditioning unit”New
“paddling pool”New

Source: Hitwise, UK Market. Relative difference in # searches to Groceries & Alcohol and House & Garden industries. 2 weeks to 27 April 2019 vs. 2 weeks to 7 April 2018.

Search as your secret weapon.

Amazon isn’t slowing down. Online visits and transactions continue to grow over each peak period. Internal searches also show that new categories like fashion are fast-rising.

A number of other retailers still posted impressive online results this Easter. Record-breaking weather conditions were favourable for DIY and garden specialists, like Screwfix and B&Q. But these retailers were also the first to spot new trends and responded effectively, receiving around 50% of their traffic from search engines.

From Game of Thrones whiskey to paddling pools, fast-moving search is one the most effective ways to pinpoint new product and consumer trends. For more insights into search or the retail industry, contact us here.

Source: Hitwise, UK Market. Easter 2019 Analysis = 2 weeks to April 27, 2019. Easter 2018 Analysis = 2 weeks to April 7, 2018.

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