2019 Women’s World Cup: Online Analysis

2019 Women’s World Cup: Online Analysis

It’s been heralded as the “most anticipated Women’s World Cup” in history.

From June 7 to July 7, France will host the 2019 Women’s World Cup, where 24 teams will battle it out over 52 matches, across nine cities and stadiums.

Players and punters are expecting a bigger and better tournament this year. FIFA revealed that more than 720,000 tickets were sold last month, surpassing ticket sales from the same period last World Cup. Adidas also made headlines by announcing that sponsored players from the winning team will (finally) receive the same bonuses as their male counterparts.

Several teams are in the running for the title too. Four years ago, 750 million people watched the USA beat Japan 5-2 in Vancouver. The defending champions are hungry for their fourth cup, but France is also vying their chances, playing to a sell-out crowd this Friday.

Fresh off their SheBelieves Cup victory, England is coming in as another favourite, along with reigning Olympic champions, Germany. And we can’t forget the Matilda’s. With their strongest squad to date, Australia is seen as this year’s dark horse.

So, how are supporters from each contending country rallying their teams and responding online?

Visits to FIFA’s site have more than doubled

With kick-off just days away, football fever is building in each contending country. Visits to FIFA’s site have quadrupled in the past month for the reigning champions, reaching 273,000 visits in the US in the week ending June 1. The UK, Germany, and Australia have also seen visits to FIFA’s site more than double in the past four weeks. Host nation, France has had higher demand over the past three months, with visits still climbing by +89% to exceed 194,000 visits.

Visits to FIFA’s Site (‘000)
By Contending Country

Source: Hitwise, Multi-Market Data. Weekly visits to www.fifa.com, de.fifa.com and fr.fifa.com.

Supporters are searching for tickets, memorabilia, and odds

What are supporters searching for in the lead up to the world cup? Americans were looking for television schedules and memorabilia, like USA team jerseys and bracket posters. The French, along with the Germans, were looking for the “Panini” sticker card collection dedicated to the World Cup. Brits were searching for tickets, as well as the England team’s journey to the games and fantasy football league. Aussies were also looking for odds and sweep sheets to place their bets.

Top Searches Around Women’s World Cup
By Contending Country


1. “women’s world cup schedule

2. “women’s soccer world cup”

3. “women’s world cup bracket poster

4. “usa women’s world cup jersey

5. “how to watch the women’s world cup”


1. “women’s world cup 2019 tickets

2. “calendar women’s world cup 2019”

3. “women’s world cup 2019 rennes

4. “panini women’s world cup”

5. “predictions women’s world cup


1. “women’s world cup fixtures

2. “women’s world cup tickets

3. “women’s world cup germany squad

4. “women’s england team world cup path

5. “women’s world cup fantasy football


1. “women’s world cup in france

2. “live women’s world cup”

3. “favourite women’s world cup”

4. “panini fifa women’s world cup”

5. “women’s world cup 2019 tickets


1. “women’s world cup tv australia”

2. “women’s world cup favourites

3. “odds women’s world cup”

4. “women’s world cup sweeps sheet

5. “german womens world cup hype video”

Source: Hitwise, Multi-Market Data. “Women’s World Cup” searches for 4 weeks ending 01/06/2019. Search terms translated for FR & DE.

The World Cup is a statement for women’s empowerment

Among the top searches for the UK and Australia was the German squad’s “hype video”. Titled “We play for a nation that doesn’t even know our names”, many have praised the German team’s bold message for women’s empowerment.

Brand sponsors, like Nike’s World Cup advert and Adidas’ equal bonus announcement, are also taking the opportunity to speak about the timely and important conversation around gender equality.

So, the hype is rapidly building. The growth in online buzz shows that supporters, from the USA, UK, France, Germany to Australia, are getting behind their teams. But in an age of #metoo and fight for equal rights and pay, the Women’s World Cup is also representing much more than football.

Germany’s Women’s World Cup advert: ‘We play for a nation that doesn’t even know our names’

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