Top UK Amazon Stats To Know…

Top UK Amazon Stats To Know Before Planning For Black Friday

Not many retailers come close to Amazon’s sheer volume on Black Friday. In the UK, the e-tailing giant saw over 50 million visits and processed over 4.2 million transactions in 2018.

These figures continued to grow as well; visits were up +0.7% and transactions were up +9.2% year-on-year. In other words, an increasing number of visitors are not just browsing and comparing deals. They’re also converting and buying more on the e-tailing giant each year. 

As we covered in our Hitwise Holiday Planning Webinar (click here to watch on-demand), retailers and brands are busy planning their 2019 peak period. As many decide how to compete or collaborate with Amazon, here are some key stats to consider for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Week.  

1. Amazon converts 2X higher than the top retailer average. 

The bottom two lines are the average conversion rates of 30 top retailers in the UK, such as eBay and John Lewis, in 2017 and 2018. There has been a rise over key trading weeks year-on-year, reaching 3.2% over Black Friday week and peaking at 3.7% two weeks before Christmas. 

The top two lines are Amazon. The online behemoth’s conversion rate was over 2X the size of the top retailer average. Their conversion rate rose to 7.2% in 2018, from 6.4% in 2017, over Black Friday week. That figure also isn’t the highest over the quarter. Amazon’s conversion rate reached to 8.8% right before Christmas, effectively capturing the last-minute shopping window. 

Average Online Conversion vs. Amazon
Weekly Conversion Rate

average online converions vs amazon
Source: Hitwise, UK. Average weekly conversion, calculated as a simple average across 30 top retailers.

2. It’s not just Black Friday, Amazon has over 4 million buyers each week up until Christmas. 

The number of unique users visiting Amazon’s site peaked at 18.3 million on Black Friday week, but then slows from thereon after. The opposite can be said for unique users who bought on Amazon.

Amazon has over 4 million unique users making an online transaction each week, from Black Friday to pre-Christmas. This figure peaks to 4.9 million two weeks before Christmas. The number of “Amazon-only Buyers”, which are people who DID NOT buy on other top 7 retailers, also spiked at 3.9 million in the week ending 15 December.  

This trend suggests that Amazon uses Black Friday to attract volumes of new visitors with flash deals and massive discounts. The e-tailing giant then sustains this interest for the following five weeks. The bulk of transactions still occur in December, particularly over the lucrative “last-minute” shopping window. 

Amazon Visitors, Buyers and Only Buyers
Number of People Per Week

amazon's buyers vs browsers
Hitwise UK. Amazon Only Buyers = Purchased on Amazon, did not purchase on other top 7 retailers (Argos, Next, John Lewis, Currys, ASOS, M&S and eBay).

4. Amazon Prime is key to their high conversions and volume of buyers. 

Amazon’s exclusivity is no doubt influenced by their Amazon Prime offering –  reported to have over 100 million Prime members globally in 2018 (source). With access to exclusive deals and faster delivery times, visitors are capitalising on their 30-day free trials. Amazon Prime Sign Ups spiked in Black Friday week and Pre-Christmas week. 

Amazon Prime sign-ups
Number of People Per Week (‘000) & visits on Amazon

Hitwise UK. Amazon Prime Sign Ups = Weekly visitors to Amazon Prime Sign Up page.

These members were also more engaged on Amazon’s site and more likely to visit a wide range of categories, like Home & Garden, Beauty and Amazon Fresh.

New Sign Upsvs. Online Pop
Visited Amazon’s Site7 visits / week4 more visits
Visited Beauty23% Reach3X more
Visited Home & Garden18% Reach2X more
Visited Amazon Fresh17% Reach4X more

Watch out for Amazon Prime this year. Amazon recently announced that they will be offering Amazon Music to their Prime members for free this year (source). This is likely a deliberate move by Amazon to penetrate another growing category of music streaming, currently dominated by Spotify and Apple Music. 

Want more insights on how to combat or collaborate with Amazon? Take a look Peak Planning Webinar that dives into how last season’s trends can assist in planning for 2019.

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