Amazon Prime Day Statistics 2019

Amazon Prime Day Statistics 2019

Bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined 

Amazon has done it again with Prime Day 2019. The mega-sales event, which took place from July 15-16, was extended an extra 12 hours this year and outpaced 2018’s performance.

According to Amazon’s press release, Prime Day even surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, selling over 175 million items across 18 countries. The e-tailing giant hasn’t released figures on total sales or subscribers, but Hitwise data shows that the online visits, transactions, and sign-ups have spiked in key markets. ​


In the US, Amazon’s dominance is clear. Their transaction share among the top 50 retailers was 72% during the 2018 holiday season and rose to 86% on Prime Day, as the number of Amazon transactions reached over 20 million.


In the UK, Amazon’s focus has been on expanding the Prime network, and it’s paid off. Over 80 thousand people signed up to Prime each day over the 48-hour period; a +147% rise compared to last year. ​


In Australia, Amazon is still new, having entered the market in 2017 and launched Prime in 2018. This year, the e-tailing giant has continued to expand aggressively, with visits and transactions to their domain increasing by +50% YoY. ​

See below for more Prime Day analysis across each key market, including top figures, product purchases, and searches on Amazon.

US: More than 2 million transactions than Black Friday + Cyber Monday 


Amazon Prime Day 2019 US Stats

Source: Hitwise, US. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018. Totals = aggregate of the two days. Daily = daily average across the two days.  

The conversion rate surpassed 10% during Amazon’s 2019 Prime Day in the US. Even though visits dropped slightly, the strong conversion rate indicates that Americans were more direct in their Prime Day shopping journeys. Total transactions finally reached over 20 million, which was 2 million more transactions than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. This year’s performance solidifies Prime Day as a key retail event within the US.

Top 10 Internal Searches

ProductsInternal SearchYoY Change
in Rank
1. “Nintendo Switch”​1.90M+10
2. “TV1.81M
3. “Fire Stick1.66M+4
4. “Headphones1.30M-1
5. “Air Fryer1.28M+1
6. “Instant Pot1.26M-5
7. “Fitbit1.25M-3
8. “Wireless Earbuds
9. “Ring Doorbell1.18M+45
10. “iPad1.16M+17

Source: Hitwise, US., internal searches. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018.

Top searches during Prime Day 2019 mimicked top searches on Amazon during the 2018 holiday season. The Nintendo Switch was the most searched product, dethroning the still popular Instant Pot. Searches for the Ring doorbell grew significantly this year due to a great bundled deal with the Echo Show, two products that Amazon now owns.

Top 10 Purchased Products

ProductsPurchasesConversion Rate
1. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote638.5K25.9%
2. Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote334.8K21.8%
3. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Charcoal220.9K18.6%
4. Amazon e-Gift Card185.4K67.2%
5. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Sandstone143.4K28.3%
6. Echo Show – Charcoal136.4K10.1%
7. Amazon Smart Plug135.8K70.6%
8. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter114.4K15.7%
9. Instant Pot DUO Plus 6075.6K10.0%
10. 23andMe DNA Test69.6K10.4%

Source: Hitwise, US., product purchases. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018.

Amazon products stole the show on Prime Day with seven of the top 10 products purchased. A few Prime Day favorites returned to the top 10, such as the Instant Pot, LifeStraw and 23andMe DNA test. Most impressive was the 70.6% conversion rate for the Amazon Smart Plug, which allows Alexa to turn off the lights or turn on the coffee-maker.

Click on the link to see the full Amazon Prime Day: US Analysis 

UK: Prime signs up spiked, searches for “prime cancel” also rose  


Amazon Prime Day 2019 UK Stats

Source: Hitwise, UK. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018. Totals = aggregate of the two days. Daily = daily average across the two days. 

The number of Amazon buyers and transactions on Prime Day accelerated by an impressive +20% YoY. Over 8.6 million transactions were processed, leading to Amazon’s highest conversion rate at 9.0%.

Perhaps most impressive was the rise in Prime sign-ups. The number of people clicking to the Prime sign up page averaged over 84,000 per day, which was a spike of +147% YoY. Could sign-ups have spiked just so Britons could snag a good deal? Searches for “prime cancel” grew +52% during the two days, compared to the previous two days.

Top 10 Internal Searches 

ProductsInternal SearchesYoY Change
in Rank
1. “Nintendo Switch
2. “Laptops905.2K-1
3. “Fitbit594.4K-1
4. “Audible526.2K+2,752
5. “PS4442.8K+2
6. “Kindle398.4K+3
7. “Fire Stick393.1K+72
8. “Alexa362.7K+14
9. “Echo Dot344.8K+75
10. “Lego337.7K+19

Source: Hitwise, UK., internal searches. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018.

The Nintendo Switch was also the most searched product in the UK, followed by peak-period favorites, like laptops and Fitbits. Searches for “Fire Stick” and “Echo Dot” spiked this year, thanks to over 50% discounts offered on Amazon’s top devices. The jump in searches for “Audible” was likely influenced by their flash offer for a £10 credit and two free audiobooks with new Audible sign-ups.   

Top 10 Purchased Products 

ProductsPurchasesPurchase Rate
1. FireTV Stick 4K Ultra HD58.6K22.8%
2. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Charcoal54.3K14.8%
3. Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote41.6K16.4%
4. Echo Show 528.8K9.9%
5. Sony Playstation Classic Console14.5K14.4%
6. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Sandstone Fabric13.4K30.0%
7. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Heather Grey Fabric12.7K27.1%
8. Neos SmartCam12.1K30.7%
9. Amazon Smart Plug11.5K77.4%
10. Kindle Paperwhite10.5K6.5%

Source: Hitwise, UK., product purchases. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018.

Amazon devices continued to dominate the top 10 purchases, growing from six items in 2018 to eight in 2019. This year, new editions to the top 10 included the Echo Show, Amazon’s miniature smart home TV and speaker, and Amazon’s ever-popular Kindle Paperwhite.

Despite Nintendo Switch topping searches, the PlayStation Classic was the top-purchased console. While little discount was offered on the Nintendo Switch, the price of the PlayStation Classic was slashed from £89.99 to £15.99 on Prime Day. 

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AU: Visits and transactions grew by over 50% on local site 


Prime Day Australia 19

Source: Hitwise, AU. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018. Totals = aggregate of the two days. Daily = daily average across the two days. 

After an underwhelming launch in December 2017, Amazon has had another shot at Australia this year. Initial Prime Day figures show that activity has finally shifted to their local site, with visitors and buyers rising by +50% YoY. Conversion rates have dropped from 7.2% to 6.3%, indicating that more browsing behaviors are now occurring on Amazon’s local site.

Top 10 Internal Searches

TermInternal SearchesYoY Change
in Rank
1. “Nintendo Switch”​22.7K
2. “Switch19.1K+4
3. “Headphones10.2K+8
4. “Powerbank8.8K+22
5. “Lego8.4K+14
6. “Tommy Hilfiger6.3K+419
7. “PS4 Controller6.2K+1
8. “Omo
9. “Laptop4.7K+34
10. “Sonos4.7K+139

Source: Hitwise, AU., internal searches. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018.

Gaming and tech-dominated searches, with the Nintendo Switch, once again topped Australia’s list.

Compared to other markets, non-tech searches were trending in Australia. Searches for “Tommy Hilfiger” increased by 400 places, thanks to 50%+ discounts on selected products. Amazon’s ambitions to take on the Aussie supermarket duopoly were well-publicized when cheaper household staples were added to their offering in October last year. Searches for “Omo”, as a result, have entered the top 10 this year.

Top 10 Viewed Products 

ProductPage Views
1. “NEW” PS4 Pro 1TB Console Fortnite Neo Versa Bundle27.3K
2. Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB24.0K
3. SoundPEATS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (35 Hours)23.5K
4. All-new Kindle Paperwhite (8GB)23.3K
5. “Fire TV Stick | Basic Edition”16.7K
6. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Charcoal Fabric16.3K
7. SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds with Portable Charging Case (Black)14.7K
8. All-new Echo Plus (2nd gen) – Charcoal Fabric
9. Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con13.4K
10. Philips Premium Collection All In One Multi-Cooker12.0K

Source: Hitwise, AU., product purchases. July 15/16 2019 vs. July 16/17 2018.

Australia’s top purchased products on their local site largely differed to other markets, with household items, like paper towels, dishwasher tablets, and nappies dominating the top 10. Even with the highest viewed products, Amazon Australia also saw a different mix in product demand.

Only 4 out of the top 10 products were Amazon devices, with gaming consoleswireless headphones by SoundPEATS, the latest Samsung Galaxy model and Philips’ multi-cooker rounding out the top 10. Looking at the other markets’ performance, Amazon will no doubt push their own devices more aggressively over the second half of the year.

Take a look at the in-depth Amazon Prime Day AU Analysis here

What does Prime Day mean for other retailers and brands? 

Amazon is after global dominance. Their intentions were clear with extending Prime Day by an additional 12 hours this year, and slashing prices by over 50% on hot products, particularly their own devices.

They’re in a different strategic position in each market – from sheer dominance in the US, growing presence in the UK, to market entry mode in Australia. Initial Hitwise figures, including visits, transactions, sign-ups, and buyers, show that each market is responding positively to these flash sales and promotions.

Beyond the top ten hot products, how did other categories perform? What was the knock-on effect on other retailers? How are others responding?

Check out Part 2 of our Prime Day 2019 coverage in the featured content below, where we answer all of these questions by market.

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