UK August Retail Update: Continued Rise…

UK August Retail Update: Continued Rise in Conversion Rates

August saw a larger decline in total retail visits of -4.8% YoY compared to previous months. However, a trend we’ve seen throughout the year is the continued rise in conversion rates.

Uplift in transactions influenced by back to school specials 

Zooming into the top 25 retail sites for the month, online visits dropped -3% YoY, equating to a loss of 52 million visits. Transactions on these sites rose +8% YoY, which was a difference of over 4 million transactions.

This increase came from a mixture of top grocers, clothing and multi-category retailers boosted by Back To School specials and warmer weather conditions in August. Perfect BBQ and outdoor weather saw terms like “Limoncello”, “Aperol Spritz”, “Mermaid Gin” and “Beyond Meat Burgers” rising compared to last year. The latest electronics and gadgets were also trending, including terms like “Airpods”, “Occulus Rift” and “Samsung S10”. See our latest UK Electronics Report for more information. School staples like school uniforms, shoes and bags were also among the top searches for parents.  

Retailers need to keep tabs on rising trends

This data shows that the loss in overall online activity can’t be ignored and it is driven by top retail sites. But when consumers are online, they’re seeking the latest consumer products, stocking up on staples and increasingly transacting online. Retailers need to capture the consumer’s attention by staying close to rising trends and product seasonality (See more on Product Trends). They need to align these trends with product promotions and marketing campaigns, in order to make the customer’s online journey even more seamless. Our latest Audience Segmentation Report highlights strategies to efficiently segment your consumer base. 

Insight of the month

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