Hitwise helps PMG benchmark visits

Hitwise helps PMG benchmark visits

PMG is a leading independent, global digital company that provides omnichannel strategy, insights, and more for some of the world’s most recognized brands. Driven by the mantra “Digital Made for Humans,” PMG leverages data and technology to better manage and execute campaigns in a digital world. Lora Parker, VP of Media Services, spoke on how PMG stays ahead of the competition.

The Challenge

To help one of its clients expand market presence more strategically, PMG sought to understand the brand’s market share in each of the markets they serviced. The objective was two-pronged, first to invest spending in a way that’d allow the client to maintain strong market share in its top markets, second, identify markets that presented the best opportunity to gain share.

“Hitwise is an ideal tool in that it aligns with our audience-first approach to buying media. It allows us to glean insights into media consumption down at the audience level — how and where the audience is consuming as well as some of the qualitative attributes from Mosaic segments. Altogether, PMG’s media messaging approach is informed and enhanced by Hitwise’s ability to identify audience behaviors and triggers,” said Parker.

One of the reasons Hitwise is so valuable is [that] we can operate within the platform through a multitude of lenses and services, [and] that every team leverages it.

Lora Parker, VP of Media Services

The Solution

PMG measured their client’s visit share against a set of similar competitive brands. In this context, PMG was able to monitor traffic fluctuations within the competitive industry to understand why their client may not be gaining ground.

By using granular, DMA (Designated Market Area) geographic analytics, they localized their analysis. PMG shifted spend to lower-performing markets and was able to gain market share over their client’s competitors.

Client Teams

The “big picture”, how core audiences consume media and search for a brand or competitor

Search & Media Teams

Define the channel strategy, identify partners to reach a larger audience


By leveraging Hitwise, PMG and their client were able to shift dollars to a more competitive market and recognize approximately

40% decrease in cost-per-visit

Another positive effect of monitoring their visit share and media in the challenger market was a 

32% increase in in-store visitation 

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