Missguided uses Hitwise for Strategic Planning…

Missguided uses Hitwise for Strategic Planning & Campaign Optimisation

Missguided is a leading online fashion brand that has disrupted the UK retail landscape for the past ten years. Bold, empowering and forward-thinking, the pure player leads the charge when it comes to relentless digital and e-commerce innovation.

This innovation is critical for Missguided operating in the fiercely competitive fashion industry. The brand uses Hitwise data to support decision-making throughout the organisation, from strategic planning, affiliate management to campaign execution.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we had was understanding WHY something happened to our results, good or bad.

Nick Bamber, Digital Marketing Director

Speed and efficiency are everything in fast fashion. A brand can easily lose market share if it doesn’t keep pace with fast-moving trends and competitor movements, including their channel mix and paid search.

Missguided required the tools to quickly assess industry trends, gauge the brand’s performance within their competitor set, and react accordingly. To streamline efficiencies, this data had to complement other measurement tools and be easily accessible across the organisation.

The Solution

The Hitwise self-service platform allows Missguided to dive quickly into marketing intelligence to give a macro context, as well as support tactical optimisation decisions by their inhouse media teams. The use cases of Hitwise data then varies across the organisation:

Missguided Nick Bamber

Senior Management

For Nick Bamber, Digital Marketing Director, Hitwise data feeds into three key strategic areas: planning, benchmarking, and international expansion. This data, combined with other intelligence sources, allows Nick and other senior leaders to decide on which channel and market will be most effective to place their next marketing pound.

By analysing our competitors’ traffic and clickstream data, we infer and quantify their media spend by channel, such as paid search, paid social and affliate activity. Hitwise data gives us a very good indicator of this. It’s a basic requirement that every Marketing Director needs to know about.

Nick Bamber, Digital Marketing Director
Missguided Nicola McGee

Performance Marketing

For Nicola McGee, Head of Performance Marketing, Hitwise data is used to benchmark marketing campaigns and support partnership decisions.

We engaged with Student Beans at the start of the year. This decision was validated with Hitwise data that showed Student Beans growing their market share and presence among our core customer base. It enabled us to consider having a commercial partnership with them, whilst also growing our share of voice with our other partner, My Unidays.

Nicola McGee, Head of Performance Marketing
Missguided Jessica Routledge

Paid Search

For Jessica Routledge, PPC Manager, Hitwise search intelligence allows the team to prepare and optimise their key launches, such as their Love Island sponsorship.

Prior to launch, we reviewed historical activity to understand key players, top keywords, traffc spikes, top islanders/trends, and ways we can win. Through Hitwise data, we were able to identify trends and keywords, such as “Molly-Mae Swimsuit” and “Amber red dress”, which then fed into our PPC & SEO activity, PR, branding, and buying teams.

Jessica Routledge, PPC Manager


Missguided is seeing incremental sales uplifts as a result of Hitwise data informing strategic planning and partnership decisions. The relationship with Student Beans and My Unidays is one of these success stories.

After partnering with both student providers, Student Beans and My Unidays, we saw a 21% YoY uplift in our student revenue in July-August 2019.

Nicola McGee, Head of Performance Marketing

On top of that, Hitwise data is well-embedded across the Missguided organisation, with different teams accessing the self-service platform.

According to Nick Bamber, “The Hitwise data is very valuable to us to our business. It helps us answer the big-picture questions you get from the CEO.”

In summary, Missguided partners with Hitwise on the following intelligence tools:


Identify industry shifts and brand ranking across their core markets.

Clickstream Analysis

Understand channel mix to inform and adjust their own paid media tactics.

Search Insights

Track fast-moving searches to stay on top of the latest trends and products.

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