Pharmaceutical Leader Segments Their Core Audience…

Pharmaceutical Leader Segments Their Core Audience with Hitwise

Hitwise spoke to the Manager of Market Intelligence at a global healthcare company to understand how they stay ahead of the ever-evolving market demands of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. With nearly a century of experience, the industry leader uses their knowledge and experience to tackle serious conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and more.

The Challenge

Understanding patients’ sentiment is essential for healthcare providers. With an array of influencing factors on the patient decision—including providers, advertising, social media, socio-economic status, among others—it’s important to find ways to quantify and measure online behavior.

Consumers seeking guidance for weight loss may find their search efforts overwhelming. With a variety of solutions and primary control over treatment plans, the healthcare company wanted to find ways to resonate with weight loss patients.

The Solution

The pharmaceutical company worked with Hitwise to better define and understand the demographic profile and online behaviors of patients/caregivers interested in weight loss solutions. To reach a more targeted patient population, they created unique segments using multiple search terms. Using these keyword variations, they could understand who their ideal audience was to create relevant targeted campaigns, display ads, and content within the weight loss category.


The pharmaceutical company leveraged Hitwise Health segments to generate new insights. With this new stream of data, they could “compare one patient group versus the general online group and understand where the gap is,” the Manager of Market Intelligence said.

[Hitwise] definitely helped to shape our approach of targeting online customers.

Manager of Market Intelligence

With a better understanding of patient profiles, interests, and needs, the pharmaceutical company was able to fine-tune their approach to their marketing and awareness campaigns. Hitwise provided the details needed to segment the age, sex, income level, etc. interested in their products and help target specific online consumers interested in weight loss.

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