ITV Video Testimonial – Campaign Performance

ITV Video Testimonial – Campaign Performance

Learn about how ITV has partnered with Hitwise for the last two years on campaign lift measurement and optimisation. 

The ideal partnership: How to work together as a television broadcaster and data analytics provider 

ITV is a leading British television channel, home to some of the nation’s most-loved and watched programmes, including Britain’s Got TalentLove Island and Coronation Street.

ITV’s vision is to be “more than TV” by building on their unique combination of creativity and commercial strength. To do so, ITV has moved from being a media partner to becoming a business partner with their brand sponsors. This entails working closely with their clients to measure and improve their market share, audience reach and sales. 

Investment in data and technology is pivotal to this vision and model. ITV has partnered with Hitwise for the last two years to provide these crucial analytics to plan, implement and optimise campaign performance

Glenn Gowen, Head of Audiences, speaks about the challenges and opportunities in television advertising and why Hitwise was chosen as the preferred data partner in online campaign analytics. 

“What made us consider Hitwise over other suppliers is their wealth of data and the ability to work together as a partnership.”

Campaign analytics in action: How Hitwise data is used in hit television shows, from Love Island to The Durrells 

Hitwise data feeds into three strategic areas for ITV, including:

1/ Planning: Using online behavioural data, ITV can track consumer interests throughout the year. According to Glenn, “Hitwise data helps us to plan. We can identify when customers are in-market around certain categories, such as travel in January, financial products in March, and cars in March and September.” 

2/ Implementation: Through this ongoing analysis, ITV can then make data-driven recommendations matching the best television show, target audience and air-times for each sponsor. “For example, most people are searching for holidays on a Sunday night before starting work on Monday morning. ITV has some fantastic dramas on a Sunday night, such as The Durrells which is sponsored by Viking Cruises. ” 

3/ Evaluation: Finally, Hitwise data allows ITV to quantify campaign performance – pre, during and post. “Some of the most useful metrics we have found is measuring both volume and share, so putting a brand’s performance into context.”

“One key example is the extensive work we had done on Love Island and its various sponsors, including Jet2 Holidays, Missguided and Superdrug. Hitwise data allows us to analyse the impact as this campaign was on air and make recommendations along the way.” 

Want more information about Campaign Lift? 

Check out our Campaign Performance page for more applications, case studies and examples of Hitwise Campaign Lift analytics. See how Hitwise helps our clients quantify uplifts in online share, engagement, and sales by audience segment. 

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