Click Frenzy 2019: Who were this…

Click Frenzy 2019: Who were this year’s winners?

“The Sale that Stops the Nation”

Back for its seventh year running, Click Frenzy launched its 29-hour sale on 12-13 November.

This year boasted over 600 participants, from multi-category retailers like Myer, The Good Guys and Big W, to fashion, groceries and electronics brands, such as Alannah Hill, Kylie Cosmetics, Virgin Wines and Bose. Over 3,000 deals were up for grabs, including some incredible promotions like $3 Airpods, $12 iPhones and $23 Samsung Televisions.

So, did Aussies “go wild”? And which retailers and brands won big this year? See below in Hitwise’s top headlines.

Traffic to Participant sites grew +6% YoY, as retailers and brands track direct uplifts.

Participants received over 16.12 million visits on 12-13 November, which was up +6% compared to last year *. Looking at the top 10 participants, seven also tracked growth in online visits. In particular, My Deal, Ikea and The Good Guys banked over +25% YoY rises, seeing more than 400 thousand visits over the two-day sales period.

* Participants = Total visits are aggregated for 227 participant sites that fall within Hitwise’s top 10K domain list on 12-13 November. This figure is compared to Click Frenzy last year on 13-14 November.  

Source: Hitwise, AU. 2019 Click Frenzy = 12/13 November 2019 vs. 2018 Click Frenzy = 13/14 November 2018.

News & Media and Participants received more search traffic this year.

But how much of this uplift was a direct correlation with Click Frenzy? We can analyse this through search.

The below chart shows where searches around “Click Frenzy” eventually led to. Compared to last year, volumes have grown +3%, but the recipients of these search queries have shifted YoY.

Although at a majority with over 60% search share, activity going direct to Click Frenzy’s site was down -8% YoY. Instead, traffic to News & Media sites covering the latest deals and promotions grew +25% YoY, led by fast-risers, Life Hacker and Tech Radar.

Searches going direct to participant sites grew from 9% last year to 12% this year, a jump of +40% YoY. The largest search risers were also the fastest-growing sites among the top 10 participants, My Deal and The Good Guys.

Source: Hitwise, AU. 2019 4 weeks ending 16 Nov 2019 YoY. Downstream from Search = categorisation based on top 50 downstream sites.

Retailers and brands also won big on Click Frenzy’s site

But it wasn’t all just about direct traffic. A number of participants, particularly brands, reaped the benefits by promoting heavily on Click Frenzy’s site. We can track their success by looking at clicks from Click Frenzy’s site.

The top retailers seeing the largest growth from Click Frenzy’s were once again, My Deal and The Good Guys. Both received over +100% rises YoY.

Electronic brands, Bose and Sony, led among brands receiving traffic from Click Frenzy’s site, Bose being a new entrant this year. Additionally, apparel and homewares rounded out the top 5 brand recipients, including Under Armour, Sheridan and Ikea.

Source: Hitwise, AU. 2019 Click Frenzy = 12/13 November 2019 vs. 2018 Click Frenzy = 13/14 November 2018. * Participants = Visit aggregation for top 227 participant sites, within Hitwise’s Top 10K domains. 

Search and featured promotion helped winners cut through the noise

With over 600 participants offering wild discounts and numerous News & Media covering their top picks, Click Frenzy has become a crowded space to compete in. This year’s top winners have been able to cut through the noise by:

1/ Optimising search: Shoppers are increasingly looking for reviews and going direct to participant sites. Retailers, like My Deal and The Good Guys, attracted a larger share of “Click Frenzy”-related searches and, as a result, saw significant gains in overall traffic. 

2/ Featuring on Click Frenzy’s site: But it isn’t just about search. Other winners, particularly brands like Bose and Under Armour, positioned their deals well on Click Frenzy’s site which drove large gains in directing traffic to their own site.

Top winners also show that Aussies are looking for bargains across retail categories, from electronics, apparel to homewares. We only expect more of this activity with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day sales in the coming weeks. 

Keep an eye out for our Hitwise Holiday Unwrapped Webinar, for an in-depth summary of the peak retail quarter, coming in Feb 2020!

In the meantime, keep up to date with the latest insights by checking our Retail Peak Planner, updated every week!

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