UK Cyber Week 2019: Top 5…

UK Cyber Week 2019: Top 5 Stats on Amazon Buyers

In our first piece of coverage on Black Friday 2019, Hitwise found that Amazon more than doubled its visit share than the next top retailer in the US and Europe.

In the UK, Amazon is also getting a larger slice of online purchases. The number of transactions Amazon processed over “Cyber Five” (the day before Black Friday to Cyber Monday) grew by +7% YoY to reach 18.2 million. Their conversion rate increased from 7.5% last year to 8.7% this year, more than doubling the average rate of the next top 20 retailers.

In our annual Holidays Unwrapped webinar, we’ll dig into the key products and channels that drove Amazon’s dominance, as well as spotlight other top winners. As a teaser to this webinar, see below our Top 5 stats retailers and brands need to know about Amazon’s Black Friday Buyers.

1. The number of Amazon Buyers was greater than the next Top 5 combined.

Over 4.5 million Britons purchased on Amazon’s site over Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday Week. This figure was greater than the total online buyers of the next top 5 retailers combined.

Black Friday Week was the peak in purchase activity, but like previous years, Amazon released mega deals earlier. In the week ending 23/11, Amazon’s buyers rose +11%. Out of the top retailers, only Currys, Argos and John Lewis took a similar approach, gaining more than +10% that week.

Top 5 – Weekly Buyers
(in millions)

Source: Hitwise, UK. Buyers = Total unique users who purchased on UK sites. Weekly to 7/12/2019.

2. Amazon and eBay Buyers visited at least twice a week.

Black Friday landed at the end of the month this year, but the entire month of November was critical for online engagement. 30% of Amazon’s Buyers visited more than 7 times over the month, or 2 times a week. A further 16% of their buyers actually visited more than 14 times over the month, so 3 times a week. Only eBay outmatched this level of engagement, with 30% of their buyers visiting 14+ times.

Top 5 Buyers by Frequency of Visits
November 2019

Source: Hitwise, UK. Buyers = Total unique users who purchased on UK sites. Split by number of visits in November 2019.

3. Amazon’s Buyers were more likely to use Affiliates, Email and Social. 

How did Amazon reach this incredible level of engagement among its buyers? A look into their multi-channel strategy can help uncover this answer. Amazon’s Black Friday Buyers relied less on Search Engines, which only accounted for 23%-25% of clicks to Amazon’s site. Instead, clicks from Affiliates, Email and Social were significantly higher.

These channels also peaked at different stages over the month. Affiliates and IT Publications were mostly used in Black Friday week. Social and Print Publications were more important at the start of the month, whereas Email was key for Cyber Monday week.

Amazon Black Friday Buyers
Share of Clicks to Amazon’s site, By Week

Source: Hitwise, UK. Buyers = Total unique users who purchased on 11 days to Cyber Monday, 2019 2/12/2019 vs. 11 days to Cyber Monday 2018, 26/11/2018. 

4. Amazon Buyers peaked on Black Friday, but Cyber Monday grew the most.

Black Friday was Amazon’s biggest day in terms of online buyers. But each day drew a higher volume of purchasers compared to last year. In particular, Cyber Monday was Amazon’s biggest winner. Buyers on this date increased by +24% YoY to reach almost 1.2 million.

Amazon Buyers
(in millions)

Source: Hitwise, UK. Buyers = Total unique users who purchased on 11 days to Cyber Monday, 2019 2/12/2019 vs. 11 days to Cyber Monday 2018, 26/11/2018. 

5. Beauty & Health purchases spiked on Cyber Monday.

Electronics & Computers and Home & Garden attracted the majority of purchases on Cyber Monday, rising by +9% and +3% YoY respectively. Beauty & Health saw the largest growth out of top categories, which was up +12% YoY. Within this category, premium skincare and perfumes increased YoY, including purchases of top brands, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Clinique and Olay. 

Amazon on Cyber Monday
Category Purchases (K) and YoY Change

Source: Hitwise, UK. Amazon category product purchases on Cyber Monday YoY.

Amazon is not just a retailer, they’re a source of buyer insights.

Amazon released mega deals earlier than Black Friday seeing a rise on online buyers the week before. They’re discounting top brands in fast-growing categories right through to Cyber Monday, finding more growth beyond Black Friday. Amazon is also grabbing the attention of their buyers across multiple channels, relying less on Search and more on Social, Email and Affiliates.

Other retailers can’t reach the same level of dominance as Amazon, but we can take several learnings from their Black Friday success. With Black Friday becoming even more saturated online, retailers need to prioritise the right channels and promotions to cut through the noise.

For more insights into top winners, channels and campaigns, sign up to our Holidays Unwrapped Webinar, on January 28th, 2020.   

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