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For over 20 years, Hitwise has helped global brands and agencies understand how consumers think, search, book, and buy online.

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Retail Analytics

Uncover your online blind spots.

Get unique insights within and across retailer sites, like Amazon. Understand how categories, brands, and products perform, from share of search to purchase.

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Benchmark your performance against the competition by audience, visits, and conversions.


Understand the online behaviors of your consumers, and pinpoint new segments to acquire.


Get the best return on investment for paid and organic search, content, media, and affiliates.


Track and improve your campaign performance through daily, audience-first analytics.


Get Ahead of the Competition

We help companies track, defend, and grow their online market share at every stage of the consumer’s online journey, from search to purchase. We can do this down to the hour.


Acquire Consumers, Grow Market Share

We help companies understand how different types of consumers behave online.

Through our platform and data services, clients are able to discover new segments to acquire, grow loyalty among existing consumers, and win back lost audiences.

Optimize your Digital Marketing


Optimize Your Digital Marketing

We support a range of strategic and tactical decisions that drives ROI and sales. 

Through granular and frequent insights, clients can tailor their paid and organic search (on general search engines and walled gardens like Amazon), content, media, and affiliate efforts.


Track and Improve Your Brand Lift

Through audience-first metrics, clients are able to quantify pre, during, and post campaign results by the day.

These analytics allow clients to accurately attribute their efforts against uplifts in audience engagement and online sales. 

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ikea testimonial

When we see a competitor driving a lot of traffic from a particular social media channel or email campaign, with Hitwise, we can drill down and better understand what’s working for them.

expedia testimonial

Hitwise’s provision of the end-to-end search funnel data provides us with valuable insights for our marketing strategy and helps us make educated business decisions.

condenast testimonial

Hitwise is an easy investment to make, and one that pays for itself many times over. Using Hitwise data, we are able to myth-bust assumptions and turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ - winning the deal and delivering a very successful campaign.

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