Digital Insights for Agencies

Impress your clients. Have the knowledge of their industry at your fingertips. Use trusted, third-party data to prove the value of your work.


Do you have the right resources to succeed on Amazon?

Understand how consumers search, browse, and buy on Amazon. With these insights, adapt your sponsored ads and product descriptions. Make sure your clients’ products always rank highly on Amazon. 


Do you have killer pitches to win new business? 

Produce compelling pitches that demonstrate how much you understand your prospects. 

Get a complete and detailed picture of their consumers, their competitors, and their market gaps and opportunities. Use digital behavioral insights to show them their next move. 

Nikon vs. Canon


Are you setting marketing budgets effectively? 

Pinpoint channel opportunities by identifying competitor gaps and consumer interests.

Get the most out of your advertising budgets through content, paid search, display, and more. 


How do you optimize your clients’ SEO and PPC?  

See how your clients’ audiences search for products, and how their journeys vary, on Google and walled gardens, like Amazon. 

Get keywords, long tail terms, and paid vs. organic splits. Track this daily, in order to optimize your clients’ paid and organic search efforts.  

Search to Product - Amazon - Face Moisturizer


How do you demonstrate your value to clients? 

Prove how well your campaigns are performing to your clients. 

Show them tangible online data before, during, and after your campaigns. Quantify lifts in online share, engagement, and sales, using daily, audience-first data. 

Client Stories


Performics is a full-service performance marketing agency that strives to drive results for their clients using data, technology and media in innovative ways. Combining competitive analysis with a human perspective is key, and collecting that data in a manner that makes sense has always been a challenge. 


“It’s one thing to look at behavioral data, another to look at demographic data, but what counts is how you connect these things for a more compelling human story. The moment we saw Hitwise, we jumped at it and said, ‘Well here’s a tool that will finally allow us to do that’.”

Hitwise has been invaluable as one of those data sources. Whether we’re understanding the customer or understanding the competition, our aim is to make smarter media investments for our clients.

We have been able to plan more effective search and digital campaigns and provide our client with richer insights within our post campaign analysis and quarterly business reviews.

Hitwise has one of the highest viewable rates of any programmatic partner we have worked with.

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