Hitwise Expands Offering to Launch Hourly…

Hitwise Expands Offering to Launch Hourly Online Traffic Data

Unique to Hitwise, the new feature provides marketers real-time competitor and consumer online behavioural insight

22nd February 2017, London: Hitwise, the industry leader in online consumer behaviour, today launches hourly monitoring and analytics. A first of its kind, the new feature acts in near-real time and is currently only available through the Hitwise platform.

The new tool captures competitor performance and traffic trends, reflecting shifts in consumer interest as it happens, hour by hour. This in-depth visibility into online behaviour, enables marketers to react quickly to competitor threats and adapt campaigns.

For instance, news organisations can gauge the most popular articles across competing news sites and adjust their own future content creation and promotions accordingly. Below shows an example of how this can be used.

Taking a look at the most popular topic dominating the UK news agenda, we can see which media outlets received the most visits over a 24-hour period. During the day of the state visit petition debate (20th Feb), articles referencing ‘Trump’ in the headline drove a dramatic shift in media consumption behaviours, compared to a usual day. Whereas the news agenda traditionally spikes at 6pm in the evening, articles were popular in multiple spikes throughout the day.


Whilst the Daily Mail received the highest traffic volume all online newspapers, new hourly data tells us that the Guardian won share through their Trump coverage on the 20th of February, with traffic peaking early morning and late evening largely as a result of two articles – Trump’s false claim about a Swedish terror attack and an article analysing the Trump State visit debate in parliament.

These capabilities show the specific hour the Guardian is absorbing a large proportion of Trump-related traffic online – insight which can be invaluable for the wider publishing industry, in this instance. Hourly data enables brands and advertisers to understand how to gain competitive advantage. Analysing this data highlights key indicators for brands to consider when optimising their content strategies. Through analysing the ‘winning’ articles for The Guardian, for example, we can deduce that a key factor to attracting readers is emotive language.

Nigel Wilson, managing director at Hitwise, says, “Using this insight, competitor organisations, such as The Independent in this instance, can gauge the most popular articles across competing news sites. In being able to adjust their content accordingly, for the first-time publishers and brands can optimise their strategies on a near real time basis. We are excited to launch this new capability and offer brands a detailed understanding of their audience’s online consumer behaviour”.

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