Tripadvisor News: Traffic Grows YOY, As…

Tripadvisor News: Traffic Grows YOY, As Does Its Influence on Travel

Tripadvisor News: Over the last year Tripadvisor struggled to balance growth and profitability, as executives worked to cut costs and double down on their core hotel audience. The company says they are making a bet on future growth, but some are questioning their prospects.

While the future of Tripadvisor’s profitability remains up in the air, there is no question of their effect on the travel industry as a whole. Tripadvisor’s share of traffic in the travel industry has grown 26% in the last 3 years:

Mushroom Variation Searches

As of February 2018, Tripadvisor drives .95% of all traffic to the travel industry as a whole. That’s up 20% from .79% of traffic during the same time period last year.

tripadvisor drives nearly 1% of all traffic to the travel industry remains the #1 resource for travel planning — below you see it is the top website (that is not a search engine or email service) driving traffic to the travel industry:

Website  Clicks to Travel Industry
4Yahoo! Search1.41%
5Yahoo! Mail0.98%

Tripadvisor also receives .83% of traffic after the travel industry, suggesting that the review site is woven throughout traveler’s research, comparison and booking process.


Tripadvisor Drives Strong Offsite Hotel Bookings

Tripadvisor refers about 2% of all visitors the top ten hotel websites, with hotel groups like IHG receiving as much as 3%.

Unsurprisingly, Tripadvisor drives revenue most deeply in its core vertical: hotels. Below, you see how this plays out within two major OTA websites, Expedia and Priceline. Tripadvisor drives a sizeable amount of hotel bookings specifically in both sites, and relatively less conversions for flights or cars.

Percentage of Traffic from
to Booking Confirmation Page

Expedia Hotel Booking6.04%
Expedia Flight Booking0.81%
Expedia Car Booking0.52% Hotel Booking3.07% Flight Booking0.70% Car Booking0.33%


Tripadvisor Supports Flight Bookings for United, Southwest and CheapOair

Tripadvisor drives less traffic to the airline industry than hotels — only about about .33% of traffic to the Airline industry comes from

It also appears that, in general, Tripadvisor feeds more flight bookings via OTAs than it does on airline sites directly.

Within airlines, United and Southwest get more flight bookings from Tripadvisor than American or Delta do. Meanwhile OTAs like CheapOair and Expedia pull the most flight bookings from Tripadvisor’s referring traffic .

Percentage of Traffic from

Airline BookingsOTA Flight Bookings
Spirit Air0.21%CheapTickets0.76%
American Airlines0.05%Orbitz0.64%


Tripadvisor is a big part of the booking process for most travelers — but where else do travelers go before they book? What keywords do they search, and what sites do they compare prices on? Learn how to track your customer’s journey in our Path to Booking Report here.

Source: Upstream and downstream activity data pulled from Hitwise platform during the month of February, 2018. Booking data based on visits to a booking confirmation page for flights, hotels or car rentals.

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