How Airlines Can Take Off With Online Bookers

Deep-Dive into Online Airline Activity in 2019 As we expect North Americans to spend an average of 17 nights away from home this year, it’s important for travel companies to leverage online insights to ensure they’re capturing as many of these trips as possible. With our recent US Travel report, the travel industry can digest […]

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Travel Report 2019

The 2019 industry outlook is positive, but how can travel players make the most of this year's growth?

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Knowing Buyers vs Browsers: US Market [On-Demand Video]

Ways to Boost Sales with Buyer Data As consumer expectations become more demanding, digital marketing must and has evolved. Marketers are then increasingly faced with a data dilemma– either having too few or too much data to inform decision making. In this video, Hitwise uncovers simple and actionable solutions to combat this data dilemma. We […]

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Path to Booking

Tracking the Travel Purchase Journey Expedia Spotlight: High-Value Search Terms As we see below, identifying search terms that lead not only to their website, but to bookings, enables Expedia to identify keywords to reach more converting customers. Although the “hotels near me” has a lower click rate to than “hotels” does, more clicks from […]

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Breaking Down the Market Share of the Top 10 US Airlines

Traffic to the airline industry as a whole has increased over the past 3 years, but this growth has not been shared by all airline brands. Let’s break down the website traffic to the top ten US airlines to determine key differences that help some of them soar above the rest. When you break down […]

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5 Segmentation Strategies to Convert More Customers – US Market

Identify and reach valuable audiences before your competitors We live in the age of consumer choice. People — not brands — drive the next wave of products, services and technologies. The next generation of winners and losers will be defined not only by companies who adapt to the market, but by those who understand, anticipate […]

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