Your Secret Weapon During Off-Peak Months: Search

Online retail visits in the UK have slowed in March, rising by only +0.7% YoY compared to the +1.7-1.8% growth rates in January and February. One key factor to note is that Easter falls three weeks later in 2019. So these results are not as worrying, considering that March 2018 included the all-important Easter run […]

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2018 Holidays Unwrapped: US Market [On-Demand Video]

Key Trends and Insights from the 2018 Holiday Season What were the hottest holiday products of 2018? Who were the top-performing retailers? Discover these and other insights at Hitwise’s annual Holiday Unwrapped webinar. This annual webinar features key insights from the 2018 holiday shopping season, which includes Black Friday, Cyber Week and Christmas. Join Hitwise […]

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Christmas Ornaments

US Hot Products: Video Games Down; Gift Cards & Airpods Up This Week

Christmas is just right around the corner, and for the past few weeks, Hitwise has tracked the top products that are searched for on search engines and within Amazon. So, what’s top of mind only days before the holidays? In the week ending December 15th, looking at Top Search Engine Searches, game buying seems to be […]

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Digital Retail Trends

Online Retail Activity Sees Minimal YoY Rise In October, So How Are Retailers Preparing For November?

Online retail activity saw only a minimal 0.2% YoY rise in October. Top-performing categories still accelerated, albeit at a slower pace. Seasonal events like Halloween helped boost Clothing, Fitness & Footwear (+5.3% online visits YoY), Food & Drink (+6.3%) and House & Garden (+7.3%). Other key verticals, such as Department Stores (-1.2% online visits YoY), […]

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Hitwise Blog

Cyber Week 2018: Previewing the Future by Data-Crunching the Past

Cyber Week 2018 is just a few months away, meaning customers will soon be thinking about holiday shopping. What does that mean for brands and retailers who want to roll out the digital red carpet to target online customers? Perhaps more importantly, how can they convert browsers into buyers? To answer these questions, let’s look […]

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Almost 7 million transactions made on Amazon over Prime Day 2018

Amazon Analytics 2018

INTRODUCTION See how Amazon is trailblazing the e-commerce spectrum and beyond: The $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, in June 2017, signified Amazon’s serious bid into the groceries and brick-and-mortar space.  Prime Day 2018, 36 hours of exclusive deals on July 16/17, further displayed Amazon’s e-tailing dominance. Over 17 million transactions were processed on Amazon […]

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Amazon Analytics

Amazon Analytics [On-Demand Video]

Prime Day 2018 and Amazon’s Impact on the Retail Industry Amazon is trailblazing the e-commerce spectrum and beyond. The $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods signified Amazon’s serious bid into the brick-and-mortar space. The $1 billion acquisition of Pillpack has shaken up the pharmaceutical industry. Prime Day 2018, which covered 36 hours of exclusive deals […]

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2018 Holiday Planning: US Market [On-Demand Video]

Key stats, searches and product trends for Holiday 2018 Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means: holiday planning. As retailers and agencies prepare for the festive season, they’ll need the latest retailer rankings, product trends and shopper insights under their belt. Watch now as we dive into: Hot product searches from Holiday […]

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Rise of AI in the Homethe Smart Speaker sensation

Over the past year, smart speakers have become one of the biggest consumer electronics trends. These digital assistants have quickly transformed into a crucial part of the ‘Internet of Things’ and are considered a tipping point for home automation. Some commentators argue when it comes to technology adoption, talking assistants are outperforming the uptake seen […]

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Telco Report 2018

Major Phone Releases and Overview & Strategies for 2018 Key Headlines The S8 was the most searched for mobile device in 2017 – a first for Samsung. At its peak, the S8 was 32% and 66%higher than the peaks of the iPhone 8 and X. Apple attracts a similar online audience regardless of model, whereas, […]

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