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A Look at Luxury Brands and Consumers 2018 [On-Demand Video]

Transformation is the defining theme for the luxury personal goods market The luxury sector is enjoying a resurgence, as total global sales are projected to reach $313 billion this year. Today, we see luxury’s transformation in the progressive designs, styles and representations of fashion. Additionally, we also recognise the deeper cultural shift happening inside the […]

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Fashion Report 2018

Digital Tactics for Retailers and Brands 2018 was tough on retailers and brands. With online visits rising by 17%, compared to 2017, the online channel is driving growth for the fashion industry. Key to this rise are innovative retailer and brands, both pure players and traditional brick-and-mortars, getting digital marketing and e-commerce tactics right. In […]

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What Affluent Americans Want for Christmas

What the Wealthiest Americans Want for Christmas

With an expected hefty tax cut ahead, the wealthiest Americans have even greater economic means to buy expensive presents—for themselves and others—this holiday season. So what items are on their list that probably aren’t on the lists of average Americans with more modest means? Hitwise set to find out by creating an audience of Americans […]

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Strategic Partnership Spotlight: Coach & Disney Collaboration

Pursuing strategic partnerships with external companies or social influencers can provide brands with access to new, highly engaged audiences and a new sense of collaboration. In other words, partnerships unlock new ways for brands to meet consumers where they are.   Dream Team Collaboration    On Jun 10th of 2016 Coach and Disney announced their […]

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Which Brands Are Reaching Luxury Millennial Shoppers?

As luxury consumer behaviors shift towards a more digital, social and experiential economy, so does the luxury industry. Both emerging and established luxury brands are constantly working to reinvent themselves, connect digitally and capture the heart of the next luxury consumer. Millennials are still willing to spend money on things they care about — but […]

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